Kabuki Models – Snow White


Snow White

Model No. PU5413
Scale – 54mm
Character Design – Aurelio Lecis
Sculpture – Paul Deheleanu
Box Art – Przemyslaw Szymczyk
MSRP – €26.00 / $32.00 US


Kabuki Models is an Italian manufacturer of fantasy collecting and gaming miniatures. Around since 2009, Kabuki Models have been providing the highest quality figures to the modelling and gaming communities. At the present Kabuki Models has a large selection of miniatures, busts and accessories as well as constantly growing merchandizing line to fund the creation of an ever growing list of figures and products.

Snow White

The Snow White figure vignette is sold in front opening clear poly blister pack. The front of the package shows an artist’s rendition of the completed model by Przemyslaw Szymczyk. There are seven individual parts provided with this kit including the following:


4-piece Snow White figure
Rabbit figure
Black ABS plastic base
Urethane resin base


The Snow White figure is cast in urethane resin and is supplied in four pieces. The main body, head and right leg are cast in one piece and both arms and the left leg are separate. This fantasy version of the classic Snow White character designed very well. The original sculpting of the figure is highly detailed an proportionally laid out.


The casting has been done very well. The alignment if the parts are straightforward and easy to construct. This is aided through the use of small wedges and cavities cast into and on corresponding parts allowing for a perfect and snug fit. A small dab of superglue is all that is needed to secure the parts to each other.

The basic figure casting is excellent There is a minute seam line at the waist of the figure on one side and a faint line on the skit on the left side. There is a casting block remnant on the separate left leg as well as on the elbow of the right arm. A quick cut with a sharp #11 hobby knife and a light sanding with a sanding stick, the parts are pretty much ready for assembly. I did see four extremely tiny air bubbles on the surface of the figure. This is typical in many castings and easily overcome through applying some Vallejo Plastic Putty or similar filler.

The base for this vignette is made very well. This is a simple scene depicting a grassy knoll type layout with a grass covering, a couple of flowers and a large tree stump offset on the piece. There are three indentations for placement of the Snow White figure and the corresponding rabbit figure on the base.

The rabbit is a fun little addition to this piece. Cast in resin, the tiny rabbit has been sculpted very well and only a small casting block remnant on the tail and two small blocks located on the underside of the front two paws need to be removed.

The placement of the completed figures is another straightforward process. There are two resin plugs cast into the bottom of the shoes on the Snow White figure which fit into corresponding holes made in the base; the fit is perfect. A similar plug is cast into the bottom side of the rabbit and fits into a spot on the base nicely.



I am very impressed with the Snow White figure and base set from Kabuki Models. The design is original and the sculpting is excellent. Kabuki created an exciting fantasy adaptation of Snow White who is on the verge of taking a bite from the forbidden apple. The cast has been done very well and only a couple of tiny air bubbles were found along with casting block remnants; all easily dealt with through filling and/or sanding. The supporting objects in this vignette, the base including the tree stump and the rabbit are of equally superb quality. I highly recommend the Snow White figure with base to any painter or collector of fine miniatures as well as to any person who a big fan of fantasy gaming figures. The piece is a high quality and stimulating creation presented in an original format all for a great price.

Highly Recommended!!

MSC would like to thank Kabuki Models for providing this review sample.

If you are interested in this review item or would like to check out the many other items Kabuki Models has to offer, please stop by their website and have a look!



Please be sure to stop by the Modelers Social Club and My YouTube Channel soon to see the Snow White Figure from Kabuki Models being painted using Vallejo’s Game Air paints!





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