Kabuki Models – Ghost Knight



Model No. KOL17

Cast Resin Figure

Scale – 54mm


Character Design: Aurelio Lecis

Sculpture: Irek Zieliński

Box Art: Przemysław Szymczyk

MSRP – 26,00 € / $28,00


Kabuki Models is an Italian manufacturer of fantasy collecting and gaming miniatures. Around since 2009, Kabuki Models have been providing the highest quality figures to the modelling and gaming communities. At the present, Kabuki Models has a large selection of miniatures, busts and accessories as well as constantly growing merchandizing line to fund the creation of an ever growing list of figures and products.

Kabuki Models – Ghost Knight

One of the latest releases form Kabuki Models is their Ghost Night figure from the Knights of Legend Series.  The Ghost Knight is sold in a padded blister pack containing nine urethane resin cast pieces.  There is a foam padded insert to keep the pieces form being damaged while in shipping.

The Ghost Knight is a Samurai-like 54mm figure cast in an action pose.  This figure comes complete with a 3-step base cast solid from resin.  The base has a small key-wedge cutout that corresponds to a wedge shaped protrusion on the right foot of the figure which allows the completed Ghost Knight to appear to be running off the steps of the base.

The figure has been sculpted with a tremendous detailing to the armor.  The body does need to be assembled; however, all of the parts; the body with one leg cast into it, one separate leg and two arms, comes with the same key-wedge design which ensures perfect alignment to the parts and hides and seams that is seen with traditional limb placements.  There is a small amount of flash which appears on the two arms and weapons.  There is two seam lines that run along the top of the legs, just above both knees, but these are demarcation lines from what I can tell which would allow the painter to highlight or modulate the coloring of the figure.

The head to the figure is cast separately with a unique look, seemingly to be screaming a battle cry. The head is flanked at the rear with a triad dragon headed cloak.   There is a little cleanup needed to the dragon heads, but the flash, which is typical in most resin casting, and the light seam lines clean up easily.




Kabuki Models’ Ghost Knight  is a finely cast piece with an excellent amount of detail throughout.  The armor to this figure is the real treat.  The intricately sculpted piece lends itself to a wide range of colors and should make for really exciting bit of work for the painter.  The construction to this and other Kabuki Models figures is simple and straightforward allowing the builder to transition rather quickly to the part I suspect most of them look forward to most of all; the painting.  I highly recommend this figure to anyone into the fantasy realm of figure painting for its originality, complex design and quality of the casting.


Highly Recommended

Ghost Knight

Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Kabuki Models for providing this sample for review.  Please stop by the Kabuki Models website ans have a look at the many other fine selections they have to offer.

Knights Of Legend
MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy



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