Kabuki Models – Alien Hunter

PhotoScan (609x800)



Alien Hunter

Model No. SA09

Scale – 28mm (Actual size 30mm)

MSRP – 10,00 € / $10.70


Kabuki Models is an Italian manufacturer of fantasy collecting and gaming miniatures. Around since 2009, Kabuki Models have been providing the highest quality figures to the modelling and gaming communities. At the present Kabuki Models has a large selection of miniatures, busts and accessories as well as constantly growing merchandizing line to fund the creation of an ever growing list of figures and products.

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Alien Hunter

Alien Hunter from Kabuki Models is a 30mm (28mm Scale) cast urethane resin figure.  This piece is sold in a clear plastic, foam padded blister pack.  There are eight pieces that make up this figure including a 30mm ABS disc base.  The legs, torso and the arms from the shoulders to the elbows are cast in on solid piece.  There are two arm sections with hands molded onto them and the right hand is grasping the Alien’s gun.  here is a second section to the gun supplied as well as a cast resin base which inserts into the 30mm disc base.  The head for this figure, which consists of the Alien’s helmet, is cast separately as well.

The figure has been designed and sculpted very well.  There is plenty of detailing throughout the Alien’s suite as well as in the resin base insert which depicts some sort of metal grating with what looks to be some biological growth protruding up form one side.  Both separately cast arms have small key wedge resin blocks cast directly into them which correspond to opening in the upper arm to ensure a solid fit between the parts.  The helmet fits over a rounded mold where the head would be, and once in place gives the appearance of a neck showing leading to a head which would be under the helmet.

In giving the figure a close look prior to construction, the appears to be casting flash located on the helmet, gun handle as well as between the Alien’s legs.  This flash is typical with most resin casting and is easily removed with a sharp #11 hobby blade and/or sanding sticks.  There are only a couple spots where the casting blocks are still attached; at the bottom of the gun handle.  These are easily removed; again, through the use of a sharp #11 blade.  There are no setting pins on the bottom of the feet to attache the figure to the base; however, the feet are cast smooth enough that the figure will stand on the base without gluing.  It is suggest though that a small piece of wire be attached to the bottom of the left foot to secure the figure to he base.



20150421_162828 (800x768)



The Alien Hunter figure from Kabuki Models is a fantastic little piece.  The design is original, as is the sculpting of the master.  While the figure does come with some flash that needs to be cleaned up, the cast is excellent and shows no sign of air bubbles or voids of any kind.  The inclusion of a small base insert is a fine addition to his kit as it gives the figure placement directly out of the box and only adds to the already great looking figure. The price is another plus whereas the figure runs for about $10.70 US.  If I add the quality made figure with the value pricing and add Kabuki Models excellent shipping processes,  I will recommend the Alien Hunter to anyone looking to add to their 28mm arsenal of gaming figures as well as to those of you that enjoy painting miniatures for static displays.


Highly Recommended!!


Modelers Social Club Forum and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Kabui Models for providing this review sample to us.  Please stop by the Kabuki Models website to see this figure as well as many other great items they have to offer.

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