Kabuki Models – The Perfect Present


The Perfect Present
Model No. PU5414
Scale – 54mm
MSRP – €24.00 / $30.00


Kabuki Models is an Italian manufacturer of fantasy collecting and gaming miniatures. Around since 2009, Kabuki Models have been providing the highest quality figures to the modelling and gaming communities. At the present Kabuki Models has a large selection of miniatures, busts and accessories as well as constantly growing merchandizing line to fund the creation of an ever growing list of figures and products.


Just in time for Christmas, Kabuki Models releases a new figure under their Big Sisters line of figurines title…

The Perfect Present.


This is a 54mm resin cast figure which comes packaged in a clear plastic blister pack with a foam insert to protect the content during shipping. This kit is comprised of six pieces; the main body of the figure, two separate legs, head and a small ABS disk base.


This is a well-cast resin figure. There is only a small typical seam line, as seen on most resin castings, showing that will need to be lightly sanded prior to construction. The attachment points of this figure as well done whereas there are small resin key wedges cast into the parts allowing for a snug fit of the parts.


This voluptuous figure sits atop a large present as if playfully waiting Christmas morning!

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The Perfect Present is a great figure from Kabuki Models. This is not the first holiday themed figure produced by them as seen from a previous release of the Halloween Girl most recently. The sculpting is “Perfect” matched by the excellent casting providing a fun and most sensual holiday depiction. The Perfect Present is just that, a perfect present for collectors and figure painters alike and a great value if you take into consideration the quality of the figure produced as well as the price.


Highly Recommended!



MSC would like to thank Kabuki Models for providing The Perfect Present for this review.


To see more of what Kabuki Models has to offer, please stop by their website.  http://www.kabukimodels.com/


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