Leopard Workshop – Leopard 1 Replacement Grilles


Leopard 1 Welded Exhaust Grilles – LW008

Resin Replacement Parts

MSRP – € 5.00 / $5.40 + Shipping

Leopard 1 Cast Exhaust Grilles – LW009





Resin Replacement Parts

MSRP – € 5.00 / $5.40 + Shipping





One Achilles Heel to the Leopard 1 tank is the side venting exhaust grills located at the rear of the vehicle. While the specific configuration of these vents was engineered with an up/down/up louver placement to help prevent dirt from entering the engine compartment, this unfortunately made for the possible easy access of Soviet made 14.5mm rounds to enter and take out the engine. The design was later improved upon with the Leopard 2’s.

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More often than not in modelling there are specific items regarding a subject that get overlooked by the manufacture during the kit planning process. This lacking of details seems to be rather commonplace in the world of 1/35 scale Leopard 1 tank modelling. While the kits offered of the Leopard 1 tank from various manufacturers tradeoff the good and bad points between them, one thing remains fairly constant; the poorly replicated exhaust grills for both the early and later versions of the Leopard 1 kits.

The Leopard Workshop has recently released a fix to the poor design specifications and molding offered by Leopard 1 kit manufactures with their two cast resin upgrades; Welded Exhaust Grilles model no. LW008 and Cast Exhaust Grilles model no. LW009 sets.

Each of these exhaust grill sets are sold in pairs of two (left and right handed) and are cast in resin. Along with the grills, inside the package is a short instruction sheet explaining how the gills are to be installed.


In looking over the grills, the castings are crisp and free from air bubbles. There is a minor amount of casting flash present where the seams of the molds had come together; this is typical and removed easily with a light sanding.


Leopard 1 Welded Exhaust Grilles – LW008


The LW008 set of resin Welded Exhaust Grilles are to replicate the late type versions of grilles used on the Leopard 1 tanks. The mountings for the side skirts, as well as for the tow cables, are molded nicely into these grills.   Included with these grilles are the two small C-bracket which are located on the rear of the exhaust grilles to simulate the C-brackets used on the full-scale tank to support the side skirts of the tank.


Photo Credit – The Leopard Club



The louvers on the full scale Leopard 1’s with the welded grills have two smaller openings that appear to be not consistent with the rest of the louver openings. Unlike the five previous attempts by manufactures to create the scaled version of the grills, the Leopard Workshop replacement grills simulate the openings in the correct manor as seen on the full-sized version of Leopard 1 grills.


Leopard 1 Cast Exhaust Grilles – LW009



The LW008 set of resin Cast Exhaust Grilles are to replicate the earlier type versions of grilles used on the Leopard 1 tanks. As seen with the LW008 replacement grilles, the there is a bottom hinge mount molded into the grill as well as the C-bracket used to accurately represent the mounts to the side skirts to the tank.


Photo Credit – The Leopard Club



As seen with the welded version of the grilles, the louver openings have different sizes to them. While only one of the four manufactured kits grilles make an attempt to simulate the different sizing, they fall short whereas there are not enough different sizes represented. The Leopard Workshop grille replacements accurately represent the correct sizing to the louvers.


The added thickness to both sets of these Leopard Workshop exhaust grilles accomplishes a deeper appearance to the louvers on the grills as well as creating the correct seam lines to the top and rear sections of the vents as seen on the actual tank.


With the installation of either the LW008 or LW009 Exhaust Grille sets from the Leopard Workshop, there will be a little surgery involved. Special care should be taken with removal of the casting block form the grille replacements. Depending on the kit you are using the new replacements on, depends on how much will be cut away from the existing kit. The instructions are clear on the measurements of the cuts and application of the parts. I would suggest that the builder have some experience with modifying kit parts but this is not mandatory as long as the builder takes the time with careful planning, most modelers without the experience should be able to complete the installation with little to no effort.




The two 1/35 scale Leopard 1 Exhaust Grille replacements (LW008 & LW009) from the Leopard Workshop are certainly the best option for improving the lackluster parts Italeri, Revell, Meng and Takom have incorporated into their Leopard 1 model kits. The louvers to the Leopard Workshop parts have the correct spacing and appearance of depth along with the added thickness to replicate the original exhaust vents installed both on the early and later versions of the Leopard 1 tank. Hands down if you are looking improve look of your Leopard 1 kit, no matter the kit manufacturer, the Leopard Workshop Exhaust Grilles in either the welded of cast versions are your best bet. The quality of these replacement grilles are excellent, the cost is more than fair and the shipping services of the Leopard Workshop are reliable! I highly recommend both Leopard 1 Welded and Cast Grilles!


Highly Recommended!


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank the Leopard Club and the Leopard Workshop for providing these review samples.

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