Aurora ~ Street Girl Fantasy Figure

???????????????????????????????Street Girl
Model No. FE-001 Fantasy

Scale – 1/48 (38mm)

MSRP – $25.00 US



Aurora Model is a small Japanese based scale figurine and accessory maker. Through the sculpting artistry of Kiyoshi Tsuda, Aurora Model offers us a large selection of finely white metal and resin cast products. Aurora offers a large selection of figures made up of mostly female characters covering numerous scales as well as many fantasy characters and accessories for the gaming world. They are all Garage Kits, whereas they are sculpted and cast all by the owner and not in a large production facility. Each piece is handcrafted and sold direct through Aurora Model:


Street Girl

Street Girl from Aurora Model is a 1/48 (38mm) white metal fantasy gaming figure set.  This set comes in a plastic sealed cardboard box with a color photo of the finished model on the front.  This is a multi-media kit containing the following:


  • Figure – Metal
  • Torch – Metal
  • Double Barrel – Metal
  • 9 Hexsystem Parts – ABS


The Street Girl figure set is designed but not limited to use with the Hexgon Dungeon System; a system of interlocking walls and floor tiles for use in gaming dioramas.  The Street Girl is a well cast metal figure with a fun yet provocative feel to it.  The figure is cast in one piece.  There is a faint casting seam line which is typical of most metal casting.  This seam is easily removed with a quick buffing from a sanding stick.

Included in the set is a metal cast double barrel for street decoration.  The barrel casts is nicely done and only a faint seam line is present. Another metal cast part with this kit is the wall torch.  This can be installed anywhere you like on one of the wall sections included in the set.

The Hexsytem components are molded from black ABS plastic.  There are nine pieces included with the set; 4 floor tiles, 1 large wall section, 2 door jamb wall sections and one angled corner section.  The construction of these parts is straightforward and only require dry fitting to install the wall sections; however, styrene cement can be used to secure the pieces if you choose.



By itself, the Street Girl figure by Aurora Model is a great fantasy figure and would make a fine addition to anyone’s static display case.  The included gaming pieces are a bonus for anyone looking to make a vignette or small diorama or for its intended use would be for use in dungeon gaming.  For this purpose I feel the Street Girl diorama setting would be a fine addition to ones gaming layout.  The design of the figure is an original concept with an appealing look to it.




MSC would like to thank Aurora Model for providing this review sample!

I will be painting this figure very soon on Modelers Social Club Forum using Vallejo’s Game Air line of paints.



MSC would like to thank Aurora Model for supplying this review sample






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