Verlinden ~ 1:1 F-16 Control Stick



Review supplied to MSC by The Sherman Shop and Big John’s Scale Modelling

F-16 Control Stick
Model No. – 2804
Scale – 1:1
Resin Casting
MSRP – $84.95 US


Verlinden Productions has been supplying the modelling community with quality resin castings and diorama and vignette accessories for many years. One of their most recent releases is the F-16 Control Stick. This is a 1:1 scale replica of the original control stick which was mounted in one of the most versatile and iconic aircraft to hit the skies; the F-16 Fighting Falcon (Viper).


Positioned off to the right on the armrest in the cockpit is the control stick. Its placement is to aid the pilot during High-G combat maneuvers. The Hands on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) works through a use of applying pressure on the stick which controls the pilot’s various functions through electronic signals.


F-16 Control Stick


The F-16 Control Stick from Verlinden comes packaged in a sturdy slip-top box. All of the parts are cast from resin. There are 10 individual parts to this kit:



• The Joystick
• Base attachment coupling
• Display management selector
• Trim
• Weapon Release
• Missile Step/Nose Wheel Steering/Aerial refueling/disconnect/AG toggle switch
• Target management
• Countermeasures management
• Trigger
• Paddle Switch


There are a couple of small seam lines that will need to be dealt with prior to construction. The largest section is down the back of the control stick where the casting block needs to be removed and the most cleanup. A heavier grit sanding stick followed by some swipes with varying degrees of sanding sticks should take care of the cleanup nicely.  At the top of the control stick there are recessed screw heads and control labeling that is recessed as well. With all of the control switches and button being separate, it makes for an easy painting session.

Painting guide

• Main Joystick – Satin Black
• Trigger and Weapons Release – Signal Red
• AG Toggle, Trim – Pale Grey
• Target Management – Optional Black or Pale Grey
• Display Management – Flat Black
• Pinky Switch – Optional Flat Black or Pale Grey
• Paddle Switch – Optional Flat Black or Pale Grey
• Base Coupling – Black, faded aluminum or steel finish


The F-16 Control Stick from Verlinden is fun novelty piece. The casting is what we have come to expect from Verlinden. There are no visible air bubbles and there is the standard seam cleanup seen with most resin castings. If you are a fan of all things winged or enjoys collecting items form the world of aeronautics then the F-16 Control Stick would be a fine addition to your collection. A great subject and a fun concept…Recommended!!
Big John’s Scale Modelling would like to thank Verlinden Productions for this review sample



Modelers Social Club would like to thank the Sherman Shop and Big John’s Scale Modelling for providing us with this review of Verlinden’s F-16 Control Stick.






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