Armor Models – Type 166 Schwimmwagen: Western Front 1944 Vol. 42


Type 166 Schwimmwagen: Western Front 1944

Vol. 42

Step-by-Step Finishing German Armor

By Glenn Bartolotti

MSRP – $2.95 US

PDF Format



Armor Models is a website offering a collection helpful step by step guides crated by Glenn Bartolitti.  Glenn has been providing Step by Step E-book publications for many years now.  He offers a wide variety of easy to follow guides to painting and weathering models of  types and scales of vehicles from WWII to modern covering German, Russian, British, Japanese armor and more…even planes.  All of Glenn’s works are sold in .pdf format and are downloadable through his website Armor Models

I have been fortunate enough to read through a few of Glenn Bartolotti’s Armor Model Step by Step publications.  Glenn’s solid approach to modelling is not only informative but always enjoyable to read.  This is why I was excited to get the chance to review his latest publication, Type 166 Schwimmwagen: Western Front 1944 Vol. 42. 

Interactive Step by Step

Like all of his other publications, Vol. 42 is presented in a PDF format and after purchasing, the more than reasonable price of $2.95 US, you can download the PDF file to your PC and refer back to it whenever you like.  This latest volume is Glenn’s typical Step by Step presentation laid out over 20 pages in the file but with one little twist; interactive capabilities.


One of the newest additions to the Armor Models creation is that the pages are interactive in that all of the items Glenn has used to create his model and diorama have embedded links to take you to the product’s vendors pages for either more information and/or purchase.   This is a fantastic addition.  Often I have read through a publication then needed to run off to Google and do a search to find what was use.  Now, it is all right their at you finger tips.

Glenn starts off this new Step by Step by giving a short review of the kit he is using for the build; in this case it’s Tamiya’s Type 166 Schwimmwagen.  He gets right into the meat of this article showing the model just prior to priming.  Glenn walks the reader through the many various stages of the painting process including priming, shading and top coat.  This is where we see the new interactive features applied.  Where Glenn as used AK Interactive’s Brush and Airbrush Acrylic paints he provides a picture and color designation of the paint.  Just hover you mouse cursor over the bottle and click, and a separate page is opened on the AK Interactive site where the paint is located.


Glenn then walks us through the decal application followed by a highlighting of the models surface to create a lightly weathered effect.  The next few pages he shows us his processes to applying weathering to the vehicle with detail painting, washes and pigment applications.  Glenn’s weathering applications are nicely controlled and do not give the model a heavy over-weathered look.  Once the base model has been completed, we are given a Step by Step walk through of the base he created for his little diorama.

The PDF includes Glenn’s choice of base and add-on materials to create trees, grass and a realistically rendered scene for his model.  One of the best parts is the explanation of how he created the trees and foliage.  This is an excellent guide for anyone interested in adding some live to their vignette and dioramas.  After th completion of the base, Glenn add a bit of field-applied camouflage to the vehicle and support the entire scene with a couple of Alpine Miniature’s figures which he had painted.



Glenn has consistently provided  comprehensive, easy to follow Step by Step PDF publications to the modelling community.  The Type 166 Schwimmwagen: Western Front 1944 Vol. 42 from Glenn Bartolotti and Armor Models is a continuation of his fine work.  Glenn’s approach to painting and weathering is a solid layout that is sure to help anyone looking to improve their own painting and weathering as well as the explanation of diorama construction which is a real bonus.  The addition of the interactive publication is a fantastic idea and really helps the reader with finding the products used within.  I highly recommend This Downloadable PDF publication from Glenn Bartolotti to anyone no matter their skill-set as.

Modelers Social CLub and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Glenn Bartolotti for providing us with his latest release.  Please stop by Glenn’s new website and check out all of the other Step by Step publications he has to offer.


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