PetrOS Models – Planet Models BR64

Kit – BR 64 Kriegslokomotive
Maker – Planet Models
Model No. – PLTMV051
Scale – 1/72
MSRP – 114.99 € / $128.40 US

Kit can be found at PetrOS Models


(Quote from Wikipedia)

The Deutsche Reichsbahn had a standard passenger train tank engine with a wheel arrangement of 1’C1′ (UIC classification) or 2-6-2 (Whyte notation) and a low axle load, which was designated in their classification system as the DRG Class 64 (Baureihe 64). The Class 64 was developed from 1926 onwards and it was built between 1928 and 1940. Many German manufacturers contributed to the series.
The boiler and elements of the driving gear were the same as those on the DRG Class 24. They had Bissel bogies, apart from ten engines, which had a Krauss-Helmholtz bogie. From no. 64 368 onwards, the engines were 10 cm longer than their predecessors. The Class 64 engine was given the nickname “Bubikopf” (‘bob’) after a fashionable ladies hairstyle of the time. Many parts were also shared with the popular Class 86 cargo 1’D’1 engine.


The Kit

Planet models is a brand of CMK, and in some places, both Planet and CMK logos are present. Instruction sheet is only marked as CMK.

This kit is packed in a sturdy cardboard box, with parts placed in individual resealable bags. Decals are also in such bag, while a small sheet of transparent plastic and instructions are loose in the box. Casting quality is good, with little flash, nice subtle rivet detail, with no bubbles on real surfaces. A few flat parts like frames are slightly warped, nothing a hair dryer can’t fix, and a few undercuts are filled with small clumps of resin, due to form usage.

BR-64 locomotives were produced over 12 years, and with 520 examples built, there were differences. There are two great reference sites on the BR-64, listing these differences:

Live Links to Reference Materials and
I looked through the kit and tried to find out which serial numbers would be appropriate for the kit as out of the box.

Serial Number Cross Reference

• Water boxes – riveted, fitted until approx. number 380-390 (later welded)

• Brakes – one side, only main wheels – until number 383 (later scissor type, later one side with brakes on auxiliary wheels)

• Cab ventilation – later type, installed after number 236

• Sunglare covers on rear windows added – after 243

• Later type of water injector piping – after number 167

• No tender height extension – correct for early era, retrofitted with wooden boards (DRG, DB) or sheet metal (DR) later.

• No postwar improvements like industy train safety system or wheel rim lubrication.

This way, out of the box kit can portray the locomotives between numbers 243 and 383. The decals offered are for numbers 273 and 344, and are correct. Decal stencils do not appear to be readable, but it’s hard to see with white font.

I also noticed a minor fault – the rear tender ladder just has 6 steps, but is of a long type. The best way would be to fit an extra step at the top. Another little problem is that the door windows are cast solid, and would need to be opened.

In my case, a bag of gravel for simulating coal is missing, while one sprue is double instead of single. Not a problem, as I want to get real coal as used for H0/1:87 scale.


All in all the kit looks great, and I will start building it now! I will also lay down the Hobby Boss BR-86, to see the differences between the similar loco types done in different technologies.


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Peter from PetrOs Models for providing us with this review of Planet Models BR64.  Please take the time to stop by Modelers Social Club and watch Peter’s progress on this kit!

MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy


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