PetrOs Modellbau ~ New Releases – Milania Wooden Ship Kits

PetrOs Modellbau just made an agreement with Russian wooden kit manufacturer Milania, that the entire product line of this company would be available in the shop.

The company specializes on the sailing ships of Imperial Russian Navy, primarily in scale 1:72. One of the main features – everything is laser cut. That means really everything, including both first and second planking. The quality and the fit are secured by CAD design. (I am also building one of their kits now, and it is really perfect fit). All fittings are in scale and are historically correct for the particular ship.

Currently available:

Deck-boat St.Gavriil, 1728

The flagship of Vitus Bering’s first Kamchatka expedition.


Russian oar-and-sail gunboat

Brigantine Phoenix 1787

A ship of Adm. Ushakov squadron, both in Black Sea in Russo-Turkish war of 1787-91 and of Mediterranean war 1799-1803. Comes in both premium and standard editions.

75 and 93 mm ship’s boats

Lots of accessories would also be available in the next few days, including professional quality blocks, guns, and fittings.

October releases include

Schooner Polotsk 1788

Another of Adm. Ushakov squadron ships. Distinguished itself as a signal repeater in several battles.

Gunboat yawl 1801

A later form of an oar-and-sail gunboat.

Further planned are such kits like
Spanish galleon Santiago
1:96 Frigate Pallada (first as Part-work, later also as kit)
1:72 Frigate Grigorii Velikiya Armenii
1:72 Ship of the line Sv.Pavel, Ushakov’s Flagship


PetrOs Modellbau – Resin and Photo etch from Komplekt ZIP, Flyhawk, Five Star, Artist Hobby, Wood Hunter and many other east European and Asian manufacturers



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