Armor Models – Vol. 44 – Kfz.13 Armored Car – Germany 1938


Armor Models latest edition, Vol. 44 – Kfz.13 Armored Car – Germany 1938, is now available!  Another excellent addition to the Step-by-Step Finishing German Armor Series from Glenn Bartolotti.


 Kfz.13 Armored Car – Germany 1938

Volume 44
Online Price – $1.95

This new edition of the Finishing German Armor Series of publications from Glenn is a thirteen page step by step guide in is newly designed Interactive .pdf format. The New interactive format allow the reader not only to use the online menu located on the top right side of the pages but there are embedded links…Easter Eggs, which allow the reader to locate the products Glenn has used in his articles with just one click.


Included in this Volume is Matthew Toms excellent review of Bronco Models Kfz.13 Armored Car as previously seen here on Armorama. The interactive format to this .pdf allows linking directly to the review here on the site.


As seen with previous releases from Glenn, he shows us his step by step processes now on this Armored Car. This is a well written guide to painting and weathering this vehicle. There are tons of clear photos supported by Glenn’s textual content of the build.

Stop by the Armor Models by Glenn Bartolotti website and check this latest addition; Vol. 44 – Kfz.13 Armored Car – Germany 1938 and all of Glenn’s Volumes in this series. The SBS’s are perfect for anyone just getting into the hobby or for anyone looking to improve their painting and weathering techniques….as well as for anyone else who enjoys reading and seeing some great modelling!

ArmorModelsSBSThe Modelers Social Club Forum and MSC Review Connect would like to thank Glenn Bartolotti for providing a copy of his latest Step by Step guide to us.

MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy



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