Scale Aircraft Conversion – New Products – April 2015


MSC is proud the share the April 2015 New Releases from Scale Aircraft Conversions!


Scale Aircraft Conversions

3795 Shady Hill Dr. Dallas, Texas 75229


New Products – April 2015

48282  Spitfire Mk.I/V Landing Gear (AX) (replacement for 1/48 Airfix, 2014 mold)         MSRP $13.95

20150401_125017 (535x800)

48282_hr (800x679)

48283  Mirage III/V Landing Gear (Kin) (replacement for 1/48 Kinetic)                         MSRP $16.95

20150401_125038 (535x800)

48283_hr (676x800)

48284  Focke Wulf Ta 152 Landing Gear (ZM) (replacement for 1/48 Zoukei-Mura)        MSRP $15.95

20150401_125027 (532x800)

48284  Focke Wulf Ta 152 Landing Gear 1 (800x775)

72104  Folland Gnat Landing Gear (AX) (replacement for 1/72 Airfix, 2012 mold)       MSRP $10.95

 20150401_125006 (533x800)72104_hr (800x531)



MSC would like to thank Scare Aircraft Conversions for providing us with these review samples

ScaleAircraftConversionsPlease stop by Scale Aircraft conversions and check out their enormous list of aftermarket scale Landing Gear!




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