Verlinden Productions – Utility Poles Set #1

20150324_202945 (612x800)
Utility Poles Set #1
Model No. 2822
Scale – 1/35
MSRP – $26.95 US

Verlinden Productions has been providing the modelling community with finely resin cast figures and diorama accessories for many years now. One of their latest creations is the Utility Poles Set #1.  This set is sold in a sturdy flip-top cardboard box and the parts contained within are protected by a snug wrapping of bubble wrap. There are two of these utility poles included in this set and are created to resemble a concrete telegraph pole used in a few locations around the world.

20150324_203131 (800x591)

There are sixty-four cream colored cast resin pieces and a 12 inch length of rubber cord included in this set. There is one 8 inch pole and one 11 inch pole included in this set. Each of these two poles has separate cast resin simulated concrete bases. The poles themselves are cast very well and like the bases, have a texture indicative of concrete. The shape and length are closely representative to the height and look of the original telegraph poles. There are two long casting blocks attached to the side of each of the poles which will need to be removed followed by a light cleanup.

Both of these utility poles are depicted having transformers attached to them. Of the sixty-four pieces included in this set, most of the parts go into the construction of the transformers and insulating standoffs located at the top of the pole. All of these parts are attached to casting blocks. These parts are cast cleanly and are free from air bubbles. There is some light flash, which is typically seen in resin casting that will have to be cleaned up prior to installation.

There is no set of instructions included with this kit, so the builder will have to rely on the photograph of the two constructed poles that is on the front of the box or by searching for reference photos online or in books.


After having a good look at the Utility Poles Set #1 form Verlinden Productions I feel that these would work well in selected dioramas possibly within the time frame from when the telegraph was invented until the present. I did have a little difficulty determining where these poles were used outside North America with the exception of one reference photo of them being used in Ireland. Most transformers in the UK are actually ground based but it does not mean there are no high-rise applications as seen in the US and Canada.

The detailing of the poles and transformers is excellent. The parts are crisply cast and for the most part free from flash. While the construction will take a bit of though and referencing to ensure the insulators make it into the correct positions, the two poles build up to a finely detailed representation of the concrete telegraph poles used in a few locations around the world. I could not determine exactly where the rubber cord that was supplied with this kit was to actually go. I can only assume it was to tie the insulators to the transformers as the cord is a bit too flexible to run as the high tension wires.

I certainly would recommend these poles to anyone looking to add a little bit extra to one of their dioramas or vignettes as they could be also used in a knocked down scenario possibly in an battle scene or even urban decay setting.


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would light to thank Big John’s Scale Modelling and Verlinden Productions for providing this sample of the Utility Poles Set #1 for review.


MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy


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