Paper Panzer Productions – Welded Return Roller Supports & Casting Symbols Incl. German Factory Markings



Welded Return Roller Supports & Casting Symbols Incl. German Factory Markings

Model No’s. PPP35009 / PPP35012

Scale: 1/35

MSRP:   PPP35009 – 6.50 € / $7.50 US         PPP3501212.50 € / $14.45 US



Paper Panzer Productions

Often in the modelling world, an off-shoot to a particular genre will emerge; this adaptation is known as the What-if. And while this typically refers to design theory and actual plans for something that may have never been constructed but could have been, it sometimes points to prototypes, one-shot manufacturing and limited supply creations alike.

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This is where Paper Panzer Productions (PPP) comes into the picture. PPP came about to give a “platform” to the discerning modeler that that like to swim in the What-if pool of creativity. Focusing primarily on the developmental weapons of the Second World War, more specifically the German Army, carries a line of products to aid the What-if modeler in completing their desire of the Panzerwaffe ’46 or commonly known as post 1945 creations. Some of their products, such as their wheel sets, were designed to replace the poorly developed parts on various tanks offered by kit manufacturers. Others parts include Mystery Brackets for both the Panther and Tiger I tanks, Panther D Initial Radiator Cover, 75mm recoilless rocket launcher “Der Hammer”, Prototype exhausts, a set of ’46 tank crew figures and finally the two items I wish to share with you herein this review; Panzer IV Welded Return Roller Supports and Casting Symbols Incl. German Factory Markings.


Welded Return Roller Supports


Late into the Second World War, German had not only had plans for the advancement in of their war machine development through new designs, but certain modifications were made to existing parts existing in the factories and out in the field. One such part was the return roller on the Panzer IV chassis. Throughout the war, the Panzer IV chassis, used in numerous variants of Pz.Kpfw IV’s and StuG’s, encompassed a cast cone-shaped version of the return roller support.


Late in the war the designed was changed and was present on only a few variants. The reason to the change, while unknown, seems to lean towards the possibility that due to a disruption in supply chains to the factories. Whether it was parts manufacturers not being able to be supplied or possible design manipulation, these return roller supports were in fact installed on a few variants by the end of the war.  Up until now, now kit manufacturer or aftermarket supplier has offered an acceptable replacement part…until now!



Paper Panzer Productions has recreated this support bracket in 1/35 scale with their Welded Return Roller Supports. This set of return roller supports is sold in an eight piece set and cast in light grey polyurethane resin.


Each of these resin return rollers are cast cleanly and free from defects such as pinholes and mold lines. PPP has incorporated the weld beads for the triangular supports, as seen on the original bracket as well as the four-bolt pattern to the base.


There has been many a heated discussion over the lack of kit manufactures in providing this bracket as an option in their kits. Shy of scratch-building eight identical brackets, the Welded Return Roller Supports set from Paper Panzer Productions is the best option in upgrading the incorrect part supplied in the kit. Not only could this part be used for improving the look to late war panzers these brackets would be perfect for any What-if scenario one has planned!



Highly Recommended



Casting Symbols Incl. German Factory Markings


One of the finer details often overlooked by kit manufacturers when developing a kit, is the identification markings seen on various parts. In some cases the manufacturer might provide a molded styrene version of these castings located on the outer leg of the sprue tree and every once and a while actually make an attempt at reproducing these marking on the parts. It is rare when these marking are correct let alone actually provided.


Paper Panzer Productions offers an excellent solution to problem with their Casting Symbols Incl. German Factory Markings. This set provides the modeler with over one thousand numbers and letters in various sizes on one sheet in photo etched in brass.

5 - Copy

Theses marking are a collection of typical letter and number styling found on many cast parts of German armor; however, these Casting Symbols are not limited to use on only German subject when modelling. These symbols are used widely around the world, even today.



The Casting Symbols Incl. German Factory Markings from Paper Panzer Productions is an excellent way to get back lost detailing from kit manufactures along with enhancing any project you can think of where a raised casting mark would be needed. There are plenty of these marking included on one sheet giving the modeler an ample supply for the future. I recommend removing the parts on a smooth hard surface using a sharp razor blade to separate the parts. If the photo etch sheet is placed on a piece of double backed tape, attached to the hard surface, will prevent the small parts from scattering all over and possibly being lost.   I suggest standard super glue and/or Gator Glue for securing the parts to the surface of the model; in the case of adding these parts to other photo etch parts or metal sheet stock, soldering is another option that can be used.



Highly Recommended!!




While these two samples were purchased by me, I would like to thank Paper Panzer Productions for their original creations and valued service. While the ordering process does involve contacting Paper Panzer Productions directly via email and not through the normal transactions online, the order will be certain to be correct, payment is secured through PayPal and delivery costs and timing are more than acceptable.  –  Todd Michalak

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