Aurora Model – WWII German Panzer Crew/Panzer Girls

Panzer Girls 1946 (2)

WWII German Panzer Crew 1947 Ver. 7 & Ver. 8
Aurora Model

Model No. – Mlo56 & Mlo57
MSRP – $20.00USD
Free shipping


Aurora Model is a small Japanese based scale figurine and accessory maker. Through the sculpting artistry of Kiyoshi Tsuda, Aurora Model offers us a large selection of finely white metal and resin cast products. Aurora offers a large selection of figures made up of mostly female characters covering numerous scales as well as many fantasy characters and accessories for the gaming world. They are all Garage Kits, whereas they are sculpted and cast all by the owner and not in a large production facility. Each piece is handcrafted and sold direct through Aurora Model:


The kits

Panzer Girls 1946 (4)


Both the WWII German Panzer Crew 1947 Ver. 7 & Ver. 8 1/35 sacle kits come packaged individually in small Ziploc baggies with a small one-sided color depiction of the finished model. These two particular figures are basically fully cast in one piece…the exception is the ML056 Ver.7 has the left are that needs to be attached before finishing. But for all intents and purposes these figures come ready to go right out of the package.
WWII German Panzer Crew 1947 Ver. 7 is a sassy female tank commander dawning German leathers with the exception of the short skirt. The WWII German Panzer Crew 1947 Ver. 8 kit, still of the female persuasion appears to be more of the radio operator or driver. She is sporting leathers as seen on the ML056 kit along with a short skirt. Both figures are cast in white metal.

Panzer Girls 1946 (5)

Taking a closer look at the figures they are both cast exceptionally well. There is the traditional cast line running along each side of the figures; certainly nothing a quick sanding or just a pass of a good #11 blade can’t handle. I found relatively no flash on these castings except the tips of one of the figures fingers.  As seen with a number of white metal castings a light sanding to the face and other bare skin areas may be needed. The close up shots I provided with this review do show this but we need to remember these are in 1/35 scale and are white metal so this is not unusual at all.

Panzer Girls 1946 (22)


These figures are designed as a “What If” scenario as if the war had dragged on past 1945. There is a bit more fanciful feeling to these figures and may not exactly fit with most war time diorama settings but they are a refreshing and different approach to Armor and period type building. With a little thought and artistic license they could even fit into a WWII time frame in an off duty sort of way. Simply put these are just fun pieces especially if you enjoy painting figures and not fitting into the compartmentalized building traditions of the modeling world.

Panzer Girls 1946 (36)

Even if these two figures are not “your cup of tea” , do not shut the door on Aurora Model yet. They offer a large selection of female figures that will more than fit the part to a more traditional build. There is numerous female German Auxiliary personnel, US and Russian figures from the Korean era animals and more. In addition Aurora Model offers generic mannequins if you choose to make your own figures.


Aurora offers quality alternatives to the normal everyday figures on the market today and as I mentioned earlier, they have a nice selection of gaming figures and accessories all within a decent price range. I would have to say that if you enjoy working with figures, female, gaming or otherwise then give Aurora Model a look they may have something you are looking for.

I would like to thank  Kiyoshi and Reika Tsuda of Aurora Model for the providing review samples

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