Oli Models – Living Set A


By Oli Models

Scale: 1/35

Model No. OMRP0001S

MSRP: $25.00 US+shipping



Oli Models is a brand new resin accessory manufacturer from Argentina.  Oli Model Resin Pieces is the brainchild of Victor Olivato, a highly accomplished, talented model builder in his own right.  In a quest to create various diorama accessories Oli Models was born!


The Living Set A from Oli Models is the second of three sets of cast resin parts from this company that I have had the pleasure in taking a look at. The Living Set A is a resin furniture accessory set geared to the more modern age of the modelling genres.


The set is sold in a very sturdy flip top box and packaged extremely well. There are many parts contained in this set. Each of these parts are more or less individually wrapped with foam packing and nestled within bubble-wrapping to protect them. There is fifty-three (53) parts contained in this set.


50 – Crème-colored Resin parts

3 – Clear Cast Resin Parts

For the review, I will look at the individual sections of this set and their corresponding parts to hopefully give a good sense of what I am seeing in this set.  There are two chairs in the Living Set A. These are “comfy” looking stuffed chairs that are more modern setting verses a WWII or Korean time frame. Both of these chairs are solid cast resin and both are completely free from bubble and/or flash.

The Entertainment Center is a seven piece hutch style cast with doors and movable drawers. The cast nicely done on this piece as all of the dividers on the hitch sections are perfectly square and the tolerances allotted for the drawers and doors is excellent..

There are two tables included with this set. There is a pedestal standing table and glass top coffee table. The pedestal table has five parts to the construction and all the parts are detailed nicely and all of the parts have been cast crisply. The coffee table has seven parts to the construction; a top, bottom, a clear resin glass looking insert and four corner posts for holding the top up.

After the furniture, there are several accessories to add detail to the setting. There are three lighting fixtures to this set; there is one clear resin ceiling fixture, one three bulb fluorescent fixture and one two-piece lamp. There are four books, one two-piece cordless phone, picture frame, vase, TV with DVD player and a sound system with the radio and two speakers.


The instructions are presented in a one-page black and white exploded view format. Each step is clearly laid out and easy to follow.

Oli Model (46)



The Living Set A has been the second chance I have had to get a close look at Oli Models resin sets. I feel this set is well crafted as the cast is extremely clean with no flash and no bubbles. The parts are unique as there are not too many modern type interior accessories on the market. The Living Set A will basically fit well into any diorama or vignette setting where an interior of a dwelling is needed. I feel the possibilities of this aftermarket set are almost endless; apartments, houses, blown out buildings, moving trucks and vans and more.

The Living Set A, as with the other items from Oli Models, is priced extremely well. This set retails for $25.00 US, which for the quality and quantity of items within this set is a bargain. The shipping is a bit high due to the location from where it is coming but with any luck, there will be a bulk or alternative means of shipping in the future; however, even with the higher shipping, I feel these sets are still work the little extra spent to get items like these.



I wish to than Oli Model for the review sample.





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