Black Ops Models – Wooden Pallets


Model No.: Part #7

 Scale: 1/35

MSRP – $7.50AUD/$8.00US


Working within many different fields of employment through the years, I have come across some wooden pallets in my time, but until I recently received a set of resin pallets from Black Ops Models for review I never really thought about the history and standardization of the pallet itself.

The pallet origins date back to 1924 when the first patent for a wooden stringer pallet.  Gaining more popularity for its capabilities the wooden pallets use would go into full force production during WWII.  There are many different configurations of pallets in use today all over the world.


Black Ops Models of Australia, makers of fine of cast resin accessories and conversion sets for the scale model community, have given me the opportunity of taking a close look at one of the many diorama accessories they offer with their set Wooden Pallets.

The Wooden Pallets Set contains the parts to construct two complete realistic looking wooden pallets. These pallets are 1/35 Scale cast resin designs.  Each set contains eight pieces:


  • 2 – Resin cast pallets
  • 6 – Resin cast support planking

These pallets come with the bottom support planking separate.  The separate bottom planking gives the model builder a couple of different options to work with when approaching their dioramas.  First option would be the option of creating a skid instead of a pallet.  There is a misconception that a pallet and a skid are the same thing.  A skid does not have bottom cross supporting planking and a pallet does.  By having the planking separate this option is viable.  There is also the option to possibly create some damage to the pallet bottom with the loose boards.

The cast of the pieces encompasses all the recessed wood grain to the planking and the size is spot on for the 1/35 scaling.  There is some flash to these pallets, typical to most resin casting that will need to be removed.


After having a close look at the Black Ops Models Wooden Pallet Set I feel these pallets would make the perfect accessary for any 1/35 scale diorama or vignette.  Having the ability to quickly add key focal points with little effort to one’s scene is a valuable asset.  They will work pretty much into any setting from the mid 1920’s to the present.  I highly recommend these pallets to anyone looking for a great way to add some realism to the builds.


I would like to thank Black Ops Models for supplying the review sample



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