Sabot Publications – M1A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 2


M1A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 2

SABOT Publications

Release – SP005

ISBN 978-099737744-6

Pages – 146

MSRP – $35.00 US

Review by Todd Michalak



If there is one thing that has remained constant within the modeling community, it is the ever-present need for reference materials.  Whether it is to check for accuracy, understand parts placement or simply gain a little inspiration, referencing publications will always be in high demand.  Sure, there is the all-pervading internet with its vast assortment sites dedicated to subjects which more often than not will produce information or pictures of what we are all looking for, but there comes a time when the information we are looking for needs to be specific as well as presented in a format that has the modeling enthusiast’s interests in mind.


Enter Sabot Publications!  In 2016 award winning modeling enthusiasts, Chris Mrosko and Brett Avants, set out on a journey to provide the modeling community with a publication with not only an in-depth focus on specific subjects, but to do so with the scale hobbyists in mind.   Since the release of their very first publication, M1A2 SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank In Detail, Sabot Publications has gone on to create four more books in a very short time.   I was fortunate to get my hands on their latest release, and fifth book in their series, M1A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 2.


M1A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 2


Sabot Publications M1A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 2 is a 146-page, full-color reference book presented in an A4 softcover format.  As you might have guessed by now, this book is all about the M1A2 Main Battle Tank and also judging from pat of the title, Volume 2 is a continuation of the premiere addition first released last year, M1A2 SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank In Detail.  


While M1A2 SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank In Detail does not contain a table of contents, this book can still be broken down easily into basically into six sections…





The M1A2 In The Field

The M1A2 3-8 Cavalry – 1st Cavalry Division

The M1A2 1-37 Armor – 1st Armored Division

The M1A2 2-8 Infantry – 4th Infantry Division 

The M1A2 3-69 Armor At The Nordic Tank Challenge


Throughout this book, there are hundreds of high resolution color photographs offering an amalgamation of views of the M1A2 Main Battle Tank (MBT).  Each of the photographs provided within are accompanied by supporting text to help the reader in understanding what they are looking at in these pictures.  After a brief introduction, the first section of the book takes us on a visual ride along of the M1A2 MBT.  Throughout is a collection of in-action photographs highlighting many M1A2 tanks while on training operations in several locations.  As readers, we get a glimpse into the maneuverability and tactical aspects of this beast within its natural environment.   This is is of course done with all of the dirt, dust, camouflage and more.

It is not hard for anyone to view the next four sections of this book as one rather large walk around photo display.  The authors have taken the opportunity within each of the remaining sections to focus on key elements of the M1A2 MBT including an exterior walkabout to a close look inside the belly of the beast.   I would have to say that virtually no stone has been left unturned.  We are given detailed views of the lower hull including suspension, drive train and Track-Width Mine Plow (TWMP) up to and around the turret including weapons systems, hatches and incredible insight into the various stowage placements.


In the 3-8 Cavalry – 1st Cavalry Division section, focus is placed on the hull suspension and TWMP.  Throughout the 1-37 Armor – 1st Armored Division we get a glimpse into the main armament of the M1A2 (the M256 120mm gun as well as an in depth incursion inside this MBT; including the loader and gunner’s controls.  In the 2-8 Infantry – 4th Infantry Division section, we jump back outside the vehicle and zero in on more key points of the exterior.   This time, using the M1A2 SEP V2 as the main subject, we look deeper into the TWMP, weapons and many more exterior features.   In the final section of M1A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 2, a SEP V2 version of the tank used by the 3-69 Armor At The Nordic Tank Challenge is used as a basis of investigation.   This beast clearly shows a weathered NATO camouflage scheme sporting the M153 Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station (CROWS II) Remote Weapons System (RWS) and some excellent reference images of the Combat Vehicle Crewman Uniform (CVC) worn by one of the crew members.  This section finishes off with several pages of highly detailed close-up shots form atop this tank.



“Another hit out of the park”!   That is how I would best describe Sabot Publications’ latest book to their In Detail Series, M1A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 2.  This book is filled, front to back, with incredible photographs of the M1A2.  Not only does this book give the reader an amazing, up close and personal look at this tank, the view we are given is that of the hard-working versions of these vehicles and with all of the dirt and dust, wear and tear and the organized cluttered mess of stowage used along with detailed information about these vehicles!

When it comes to scale modeling, decent reference materials are crucial; Sabot Publications certainly hits this mark!   With the scale modeler in mind, the authors present highly detailed and visually explicit photographs, in and around the M1A2 subject at hand.  In this case, M1A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 2 is an outstanding follow-up to the previously released M1A2 SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank In Detail and a fantastic compliment to the library of In Detail Series of books form Sabot Publications. If you are fan of the M1A2 MBT, M1A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 2 will make an amazing addition to any personal library…for the scale modeler, this is a must-have photographic walk around guide to the M1A2 Main Battle Tank!   This book can’t help but receive High Recommendations from me!




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