Master Box Strange Company’s Adventures – Episode 1 the first meeting (Don’t Even Think About…)

1/24th Scale

Kit # MB24033

By Shawn W. Gehling


This figure is of a beautiful Female named Jacqueline. She is a Grifter on the Space Station ALMAR. This series has a SCI-FI/Steam Punk vibe. An outstanding looking figure that will build and paint up to look great. It also comes with parts for a bar stool and a section of the bar or table. (Directions for these are not included in my kit, but if you check out their website or look at the box you should be able to figure out how to put them together). I have attached the part of the directions from MB24034 as they show how to put together the bar/table section. They did not make directions for the bar stool, but I have added a step by step way to build it below. Since my copy was an advanced copy it did not come with the enclosed directions. Each set will come with its own copy of their story and directions.

The Kit:

Contains 2 sprues with 13 pieces (Jacqueline) and 13 pieces (Bar/Table) that make up the bar stool and bar/table, that have little or no flash. Parts B5, B6 and B7 make up the Bar/Table. Parts 6 are the top and bottom of the bar/table, parts 7 glues into part 6 and part 5 connects the two sections. I made sure that both part 6’s were pointed in the same direction. I also shaved down part 7 so it fit after dry fitting it a few times. Parts B2, B3, B4, B8 and B9 make up the Bar Stool. Start with part 3 as the bottom legs of the stool. Then add part 4 larger side down. Slide on part 8 then slide part 2 on and pull it back up to meet with part 9 to finish the seat. Parts B1 appear to be three shot glasses.


Master Box has done it again with another excellent looking figure. This one is in a space adventure series that looks like it can take off and go right into outer space.

Since it is a Sci-Fi figure, anything goes…Overall she is a masterpiece and should build into an outstanding single figure or diorama, I highly recommended for anyone who enjoys figures. Mine was sent by Alexander (Master Box Models).

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