Masterpiece Models – EZ Read Ruler

EZ Read Ruler
MSRP – $7.99 US

As scale hobbyists, we are always on the lookout for new and better tools to use on our projects. Masterpiece Models has just released a new product to their ever growing line of tools, the EZ Read Ruler! Okay…okay, “it’s just a ruler”, I am sure that is what some might say. But to anyone in the hobby, making an accurate measurement or having a great straightedge, will not agree with that!

Masterpiece Models is a Washington State based manufacturer of originally designed resin model kit and diorama bases. Among the unique model kit offered by Masterpiece, they provide a fine selection of their own manufactured modeling tools; such as the Corr-u-gator© for creating corrugated metal in scale, The Slicer for cutting quickly and easily cork for dioramas and the Sandbox which is a dust-free sanding system.

Most recently, Masterpiece Models released the first design of measurement tools for the scale modeling community, the EZ Read Ruler. Scrap-booker extraordinaire Shellie Geigle, of J&S Hobbies and Crafts, identified the need for an easy-to-read measuring device. The owner of Masterpiece Models, John Geigle and ingenious husband of Shellie, went to work engraving the new design for J&S Hobbies and Crafts. Noticing that quality, easy to read tools have always been needed within the modeling community, John set out to produce Masterpiece Models’ version of this measuring tool, the EZ Read Ruler.

Now typically, you would not think there was much that could be said about a simple ruler; as long as it measures accurately, that is all that really matters. But in the case of the EZ Ruler, John has made the design easy to read by adding engraved calibration markings that appear white on a clear base allowing for easily seeing where the calibration lines are located. This is a twelve inch standardized ruler in length. Taking things one step further, specific numbering of the calibration marks were added in both 1/8 inch and 1/16 inch increments. This helps those individuals who are just learning or who have trouble distinguishing between lines to easily identify which marks they need to transfer the measurement from.

The ruler is a full 1/8 inch thick which provide a decent edge for working with both pencils and pens as well as cutting tools such as a #11 hobby knife. The clear plastic design to the ruler aids in locating positioning on the work surface. The plastic is a durable clear acetate design for long lasting use.

On the heels of the EZ Read Ruler, Masterpiece Models wanted to take things to the next level. After the release of the EZ Read Ruler release, John quickly went to work on designing specific scale rulers for the hobby enthusiasts. The next round of rulers to be released will be 6 inch with both metric and imperial scales in 1/32nd, 1/35th, 1/48th, and 1/72nd scales. The cost of these scale specific rulers will be $4.99 US.



The EZ Read Ruler from Masterpiece Models will make a fantastic addition to anyone’s bench!  The calibration marks are accurate and easy to read.  The clear base to this ruler makes it very easy to position the ruler for marking and/or cutting.   The low cost of $7.99 US, makes the EZ Read Ruler and exceptional value for any hobbyist!

Coming Soon!

The EZ Read Ruler and more can be found at Masterpiece Models or on Ebay!



Thanks to John Geigle and Masterpiece Models for providing a sample of the EZ Read Ruler for this review! 



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