Model Monkey – Bringing 3D upgrades to the next level!

Model monkey is the brainchild of Steve Larson, creating highly accurate 3D-printed products for scale model ships and model tanks.  Model Monkey creates the designs and all printing is supplied by Shapeways, a 3d printing manufacturer that bridges the gap between designers and consumers.


The Model Monkey Catalog is filed with thousands of accurate 3D printed designs for ships and armor ranging from 1/16 scaling down to 1/1250th.

One of the major focuses of Model Monkey is upgrades and conversion parts for the wide range of ships builders.   These upgrades accurately replace the softer detailing of kit manufacturer’s molded parts eliminating additional scratch work by the builder when attempting to reach a higher level of detailing.



3D parts from Model Monkey are manufactured and shipped direct from Shapeways ensuring fast reliable service.


How do I prepare my new parts?

1. Clean your new parts with a mild water-based detergent like “Dawn”, “Fairy” or “Simple Green” in water.  Let your parts soak for a few hours to remove any wax.

2. Place your “Frosted Detail” parts in direct sunlight or under an ultra-violet light (UV) lamp for several hours (more is better) to fully harden the resin.

3. If necessary, smooth “Frosted Detail” surfaces with an “air eraser” (click here to see an example).  Smooth “Strong and Flexible” plastic surfaces by applying thin layers of primer then smooth the primer.

4. Use the correct primer and paint for the type of plastic your part is printed in.


NEW Items Added To The Model Monkey Website Today!

In addition to the already available 1944 “Round Bridge” for USS New Jersey BB-62, an as-built, 1943 “Open Bridge” for USS New Jersey BB-62 is now available in 1/350 scale.  Other scales are possible.
For Fletcher class destroyer fans, late-war midships quad Bofors tubs and a complementing AA deck house is now available.  In larger scales, the Bofors tubs include ammunition racks and the deck house includes a railing.  Other scales are possible.
Late-war ZZ Deck House:
1/350 scale:
1/192 scale:
1/144 scale:
1/125 scale:
1/96 scale:
1/72 scale:
Late-war Quad Bofors Tubs:
1/350 scale:
1/192 scale:
1/144 scale:
1/125 scale:
1/96 scale:
1/72 scale:


Stop by the Model Monkey website today and check out their packed catalog of upgrades!


All 3D-printed products in this catalog © Model Monkey.  3D-printed products may not be copied or re-cast.



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