– Wilder Skin Tone Oils

The Wilder Skin Tone Oils are perfect for blending and mixing to create the perfect flesh colour on your models.

The Wilder Weathering Oils are:

Fast-drying to a completely matt finish
More liquid than traditional oils
Easier to apply
Designed especially for modellers

The plastic tubes are easy to squeeze and clean and prevent the oil from drying out. Many effects can be achieved using these Weathering Oils with a wide palette made especially for modellers.



AW-LS-41 – Wilder Oils Light Rosy Skin Tone (20ml)

AW-LS-42 – Wilder Oils Dark Rosy Skin Tone (20ml)

AW-LS-43 – Wilder Oils Pale Shadow Skin Tone (20ml)

AW-LS-44 – Wilder Oils Sun Tan Skin Tone (20ml)

AW-LS-45 – Wilder Oils Light Tan Skin Tone (20ml)


Wilder Weathering Products can be found in the UK at

or direct from Wilder






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