Modelscale Brigade Bruchsal: Anti-slip Decals


Anti-slip Decals  – Antirutschpads

Scale – 1/35 – 1/72


There are many aspects of scale modeling that are at an all-time high in this day and age.  While the details of the kits have increased, one area that can still be a bit soft is when we look at anti-skid coverings on many of the newer types of military vehicles.  Many have turned to tricks of the trade to get the realistic look of anti-skid plates.  One company has taken the leap forward in producing two scale versions of these anti-skid plates in decal form;  Modelscale Brigade Bruchsal: Anti-slip Decals. 

Modelscale Brigade Bruchsal has created what they define as a 1/35 and 1/72 scale version of the anti-skid texture which comes in a water-slide decal format for replacing or adding anti-skid texture to you scale models.   These Anti-skid decals are sold in two sizes in both scale.

Anti-slip Decals

1/35 & 1/72 – 70mm x 100mm (2.7 x 3.9 inches)

1/35 & 1/72 – 100mm x 150mm (3.9 x 5.9 inches)


For this review, I was able to obtain one set of each, the 1/35th and 1/72nd scale smaller sized version of these anti-skid decals.  All sets are provided in Ziploc type bags with one piece of the anti-skid product enclosed and a one-page instructional sheet.  The instructions are given in both English and German and define how to apply these decals to obtain the best result.

For the purposes of this review, I decided to give these Anti-slip Decals a go on a model I recently began and coincidentally needed to have some changes made to the anti-skid details on the front of the hull; Revell’s Leopard 2a4 Main Battle Tank.   The problem with the kit surface is not as much the texture as it is the configuration.  The anti-skid details are incorrect on the model and needed some modification.  Rather than scribbling and removing excess texture, it is easier to remove all of the texture and begin from scratch.

After removing the kits details and sanding the surface smooth, the instructions with the Modelscale Brigade Bruchsal: Anti-slip Decals call for the model to be primed before application.  I will note that after reading another review of these decals at the Leopard Club Reviews ( )I noticed that the creator applied these decals without priming the model initially and the decals adhered to the surface without issue.

The making of specific sizes of these decals is fairly straightforward; cut the desired size and shape to fit.  I chose to use an inexpensive balsa wood cutter to slice off uniform sized strips and then cut sections to actual sizes that I needed on the Leopard.   Once all of the pieces were cut and the primer had cured on the surface of the model, these decals apply exactly the same as standard kit decals.  Submerse the pieces in to some water that is at room temperature, wait a few seconds and the relief paper on the back of the decal slips right off.  Place the decal where you want it and you are basically done!

If your model depicts a vehicle with painted anti-skid texture, simply paint over the decals, seal and weather as you normally might do.  In some cases, some vehicles have the natural black anti-skid covering with no paint applied.  For this, you will want to paint you model, seal the surface and apply the decals.  It is advisable to add another application of clear to seal the decal to the surface.


I feel that Modelscale Brigade Bruchsal and their Anti-slip Decals touched on an area of modeling that some folks have had some difficulties in recreating in scale.  The decals are easy to work with; both cutting and applying to the surface are basically no different than using traditional decals supplied with our model kits.  While the gritty material added to the surface of the decals is resilient. it can be rubbed off with excess handling; however, once applied to the surface of the model and sealed, these decals respond extremely well to normal abuses while handling the model.


For my particular project, I chose to actually use the 1/72 scale version on my 1/35 scale tank.  This was due to the fine appearance of these anti-skid textures were consistent with the anti-skid sections on the Leopard 2a4.  For a more aggressive surface, similar to the surface of some IDF tanks and equipment, the more course 1/35 scale decals would work perfect.   I will recommend the Modelscale Brigade Bruchsal: Anti-slip Decals to anyone looking for and quick and easy way to create or modify the look of anti-skid texturing of their models.  The product is resilient enough to work with, simple to apply and gives a realistic finish that is similar to its real world counterpart.


The Modelscale Brigade Bruchsal: Anti-slip Decals are available through the following locations:


The Modelers Social Club and MSC Review Connect would like to Modelscale Brigade Bruchsal for providing us with sample of their Anti-slip Decals for this review







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