German Battlecruisers


Ship Craft Series #22

By Robert Brown & Steve Backer

Imprint of Pen and Sword Books, Ltd.

Copyright © Seaforth Publishing

ISBN 978 1 84832 181 6

Pages 64

MSRP – £11.99 / $17.30


Ship Craft produces a series of books created for modelers and enthusiasts of popular nautical subjects serving as a referencing guide to classes and types of ships as well as showing the many available models and accessories surrounding the kits.  Seaforth Publishing brings us the 22nd edition in the Ship Craft series titled German Battlecruisers.   Models for this edition of Ship Craft have been selected by Robert Brown, the History portions of the book are selected by Steve Backer and the plans and color artwork is by George Richardson.


German Battlecruisers is a 64 page, soft cover book presents on high quality, glossy A4 stock.  The premise of this book highlights the German Battlecruisers from the First World War and combines history, model reviews, completed models and basic design of the ships.





Model Products

Modelmaker’s Showcase

Camouflage Schemes



Selected References

The first two chapters of the book, Design and Careers, is a summarized history lesson about the different battlecruisers within the German Navy during WWI.  The chapters are filled with period black and white photographs of the actual ships along with brief descriptions of the operation history behind them.    In Chapter 3, Model Products, the authors layout passing reviews of the majority of all models of these battlecruisers covering the spectrum of scales from 1/1250 to 1/125 including plastic, resin and paper model kits.  Towards the middle of the book, is the section titled Modelmaker’s Showcase.  This section contains a variety of German Battlecruiser models as built by numerous contributors.


Model Makers

Horst Luecke – 1/250 HMV Von Der Tann

Kostas Katseas – 1/700 Combrig Lutzow

Norbert Thiel – 1/700 NNT Goeben

Jim Baumann – 1/700 WSW Derfflinger

Tony Van Wyk – 1/350 Iron Shipwrights Seydlitz

Norbert Thiel – 1/700 WSW Derfflinger

Nick Dogger – 1/700 WSW Lutzow

Tony Van Wyk – 1/350 Scratch-built Lutzow

Kostas Katseas – 1/700 NNT Mackensen

Nick Dogger – 1/700 NNT Moltke

Horst Luecke – 1/250 HMV Derfflinger

Jim Baumann – 1/700 Hindenburg

Jeffrey Stevenson – 1/1200 Scratch-built Seydlitz

Leading into the next chapter, there is a two-page color profile look at Derfflinger and the Turkish Battlecruiser Yavuz.   The Appearance chapter is a brief look focusing in on some key details surrounding many of the ships.  The writings are supported with black and white photographs from the time period.  The book finishes with seven single-page line drawings showing both profile and top-views to Blucher, Von der Tann, Seydlitz, Goeben, Yavuz, Derfflinger and Mackensen.



Robert Brown and Steve Backer have put together a fantastic little visual reference guide with Ship Craft’s 22Eedition, German Battlecruisers.   The history sections of the book are not complex in technical data but make for interesting and informative reading.  The review section, albeit brief except assessments of the kits, certainly lays out the full array of kits offered for these types of ships sold today.   By and large, the individual modeler’s contributions to this publication is worth the price of admission.  All of the models are fantastic representations of these battlecruisers and each modeler is extremely talented in their own right.   German Battlecruisers is a well presented reference guide to its self-titled subject matter and would make a superb addition to anyone’s personal reference library…especially fans of these period German Battlecruisers from the First World War.


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