Matho Models Accessories – Hinges, Mushrooms and Barrels

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Matho Models hit the modelling scene back in 2014. Since then, the Belgium based company has provided a growing list of building accessories created by them for the modelling community along with offering products from other manufactures in their shop.

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Recently, I was fortunate to be able to take a look at three of the many new products released by Matho Models; Hinges (Set B), Mushrooms and Wooden Barrels. All three of these samples are listed as being in 1/35 scale and come sealed in Ziploc-type packaging for pegboard displays.

Matho Models Hinges B

20160315_151100 (700x800)
Model No. – 35030
MSRP – €3.95 (€3.26 ex. VAT) / $4.45 US

The first set I chose to have a look at, is the Hinges (B) Model No. 35030. This is a small sheet of brass photo etch containing numerous hinges that can be used in a diorama or vignette setting. The parts are shown as 1/35 scale and include the following:


• 5 – Large decorative T-hinges
• 9 – Medium-sized plain T-hinges
• 9 – Medium strap hinges
• 17 – mall square edge butt hinges

20160315_151804 (800x565)

All of the hinges have been rendered extremely well during the photo etch process revealing fine detailing to shape, size and fastener attachment points. The brass used to create these parts is not thin and flimsy yet allows for easy bending for installation. Painting is suggested prior to removal from the frets and can be secured to the model surface via super glue or comparable PVA glue. These hinges are fantastic for adding detailing to plain doors and/or windows as well as various small wooden boxes or anywhere a hinge would be required.

As I mentioned, and as it shows, this set is listed as “Hinges B”. Matho Models does carry a “Hinges A” set as well which consists of the same quality brass photo etch with a selection of different style T-hinges to choose from. Both of these set are a definite must have for anyone looking to spruce up the detailing to their dioramas quickly and cost efficiently.


Matho Models Mushrooms

20160315_151046 (630x800)
Model No. 35034
MSRP – €10.95 (€9.05 ex. VAT) / $12.34 US

Matho Models provides several new products using 3D printed technology. One of their latest to hit the shelves is the Mushroom set. 3D designed and printed, this set contains sixteen (16) tiny mushrooms. There are two sprue containing six mushrooms each of different varieties. At a quick glance I would guess there are Toadstool, Destroying Angle and Death Cap mushrooms to choose from. In addition to these two sprues, there is a provided third sprue containing what appears to be four flat Artist’s Konk mushrooms which typically grow on the sides of tree trunks.


These mushrooms are highly detailed for the scale and are slightly delicate so special care will be needed when removing these parts form their sprue. These mushrooms are a fantastic way to interject a little color into a small vignette or diorama along with adding a little eye candy to the scene you are trying to achieve.

20160315_151549 (800x601)

Matho Models Wooden Barrels (2 pcs.)

20160315_151108 (649x800)
Model No. 35012
MSRP – MSRP – €3.95 (€3.26 ex. VAT) / $4.45 US

Last, but not least, I took a look at Matho Models Wooden Barrel Set. This is a two-piece cast resin set of wooden barrels in 1/35 scale. There are four parts contained within the set; two lower barrel sections and two top sections. These look to be a short variety of wooden barrel consisting of rendering of the standard look of a typical wooden barrel. There four chimes (two chime loos and two bilge straps), a spigot plug and bunghole plug. There is fine wood grain detail to the barrel staves.

20160315_151912 (800x691)

The casting block for these resin buckets is still in place and will need to be removed before construction. Some care should be taken when working with resin due to any dust created from the sanding process can be harmful; however, a clean cut with a sharp razor say can lessen the sanding greatly. Expect some minor cleanup along the tops and bottom of these barrels as there is some flash present…a typical side effect from the casting process.



After reviewing each of these three new products form Matho Models, the Hinges, Mushrooms and Wooden Barrel set, I am very pleased with what I seen. The detailing is excellent along with the quality of parts. There is some minor flash associated with the resin barrels; however, this is typical of resin casting and easily removed by some simple sanding. The pricing of these individual sets certainly seem fair when looking at the quality of the parts themselves. I will have to recommend any of these new releases from Matho Models to anyone looking to improve the appearance of their dioramas.


MSC and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Matho Models for providing these samples for review. Please take the time to stop by the Matho Model website and check out the rest of what they have to offer for 1/35 scale accessories.

Matho Models


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