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Capture 2By Dan Hay, Peter van Iren, Anthony Sewards and Matthew Worth
Published by Trackpad Publishing

80 pages, 250 photos
ISBN: 978-0-9928425-0-5
Available from Trackpad Publishing

MSRP – £16.50 / $23.50 US


A short while ago, back in 2015, Trackpad Publishing released an amazing 80 page pictorial manuscript focusing on the latest version of the Canadian Main Battle Tank titled Canadian Leopard 2A4M CAN . The link provided will take you to an original product overview of the book given by the Leopard Club.  This book is packed front to back with an outstanding display of the Leopard 2A4M tank with over 250 color walk around photos in an effort to give us one of the most comprehensive looks into and around this battlefield giant. Recently the plastic model manufacturer, HobbyBoss, released their latest chapter in growing list of 1/35 scale tank offerings to the world with their Leopard 2A4M CAN (Model No. 83867) kit. With the arrival of this new kit, there is no better time than right to revisit an amazing pictographic analysis like the book Leopard 2A4M CAN from Trackpad Publishing.

Capture 3


  • Leopard 2A4M Introduced
  • 2 Baseline 2A4
  • Deployment in Afghanistan
  • In The Field
  • Maintenance
  • On The Range
  • Turret Focus
  • Hull Focus


Make no qualms about it, this book is all about detail when it comes to the 2A4M CAN. From the outset of the book, the authors have brought together an outstanding in-depth view of this Leopard tank as seen within the ranks of the Canadian army. The first chapter, Leopard 2A4M Introduced shows us a beautiful overview to the tank presented in a full-color walk around photo display. Peter van Iren provides us with this photographic view in all its glory. Each photograph is presented with text excerpts to provide information to the reader about what we are looking at.

Capture 4

As the first chapter starts us off with a look at the most recent configuration of this Leopard tank, chapter 2 takes us back to the humble beginnings of this tank with Baseline 2A4. Mathew Worth provide the photographic evidence to show us how this Leopard looked being pressed into the Canadian ranks just prior to all of its upgrades. By understanding the takes history, only then can we begin to understand the upgrades that were made to create the tank we see today. As seen with all of the photographs in this book, provided text supports what is being presented allowing the reader some insight into the details.


Moving forward chapter 3, Deployment in Afghanistan is yet another photographic presentation of the  2A4M CAN.   These (5 tanks only) were only used in Afghanistan for a very short period up until Canadian Forces withdrew in July 2011. Slats and barracuda were removed. The current configuration is shown from Chapter 4 onwards for the 2A4M CAN and Chapter 2 for the 2A4 CAN (without the up-armouring). Both serve alongside each other and the ‘older’ 2A6M CAN.  Getting back to the subject of this chapter, Anthony Sewards provides us with the pictures of this tank and its service in the Afghanistan Theater of Operations and allows us readers an opportunity to see this battlefield beauty in her natural environment.  We see glimpse of the wear and tear these vehicles go through, not to mention the layers upon layers of dirt and dust!

Capture 7

Chapter 4, In The Filed, transitions nicely from the previous chapter showing us the 2A4M CAN quite literally “In The Field”. A combined pictorial effort by Anthony Sewards and Matthew Worth provide us with more views of this tank in use and under hard working conditions. In what looks to be training exercises, we are show these armor-clad cats in their natural habitat.   Key points to the story shown in this chapter is provided with supporting text along with some outstanding views of how heavily weathered these vehicles can become.

Capture 8

In the fifth chapter we are shown the rare view of one of these beasts being stripped down. Titled Maintenance, this chapter shows us just that. A fine display of photographs provided by Anthony Sewards allows us to see various panels removed along with a walk around view of the heart of the Leopard, her power plant.   This chapter gives us a quick look at many details otherwise not seen with a fully operation Leopard.

Capture 9

On The Range is the sixth chapter of the story of the 2A4M CAN Leopard. This is a short, 2-page look, with photographs provided by Anthony Sewards, showing this MBT firing her big gun. There is always something impressive about seeing the muzzle flash form one of the beasts.


Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 round out the culmination of this pictorial review of the Leopard 2A4M CAN with a highly detailed, systematic walk around tour through pictures provided by Dan Hay. Chapter 7, Turret Focus, gives and in-depth look at the Leopard’s turret. This is a large chapter showing us just about every inch of the 2A4M CAN’s turret.   Multiple views of the turret’s applique armor, from numerous views presents all the details of this Leopard Tank has to offer. Chapter 8, Hull Focus, extends this exhaustive look with the focus brought to the hull. Again, every nook and cranny of this Canadian version of the Leopard tanks is displayed front to back, side to side and even underneath.




Trackpad Publishing’s has presented us with a highly detailed, photographic reference of the Canadian version of the Leopard tank in their book Canadian Leopard 2A4M CAN. From cover to cover, the book is a complete visual indulgence of around 250, highly detailed and topic focused color photographs showing us this Canadian 2A4M CAN Main Battle Tank. The photographic contributions to this publication leave virtually no stone unturned allowing the reader to able to see this tank from basically every angle; not only with static walk around views but a fine display of this tank in her natural battlefield environment. This book is sure to please any enthusiast of the family of Leopard tanks. For the scale modeler, this is a must have referencing guide to the ins and outs of this beast. The up close walk around photos are essential to anyone looking to have a go at creating the finer details often lost by the kit manufacturers as just about every aspect of this tank is presented within. The sections showing these Leopard tanks in battlefield and training conditions are sure to be an invaluable asset to any scale modeler looking for referencing to realistic weathering of these vehicle.   Simply put, if you are into Leopard tanks…specifically the 2A4M CAN, this is the book for you!


Highly Recommended!



Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Trackpad Publishing for providing this copy of Canadian Leopard 2A4M CAN for this review.


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