Trumpeter’s Micro Saw

IMG_1291 (402x800)

Reviewed by Brian Messier

Mini Razor Saw

Model – 09909

MSRP – $7.99 US

Recently, I purchased Trumpeter’s Mini Razor Saw on a whim through Squadron Models mail order recently (I needed to get my order over 50 bucks to get free shipping).  I have always wanted the right saw for me to cut parts from sprues without crimping the plastic, and this saw fits the bill fairly well! It comes packaged in a clear plastic bubble  with a plastic backer and retails for $7.99; however, I paid around $5.59.

IMG_1292 (416x800)

Upon opening the package I was struck by how simply the handle fit in my hand. It is also noteworthy to see that the three blades that come with the saw and how they quite easily fit into the handle holding securely by a simple pressure mechanism. Each saw blade is designed to cut only on the back stroke, and the teeth are fairly deep for sprue cuts. I hope to find another blade from them with a higher tooth count and smaller tooth gauge for finer work, but that’s a topic for another day.

IMG_1293 (800x420)

The blades provided each have the same basic cut but each has a different blade profile. There are two “keyhole” blades along with a longer full thickness blade supplied in the package. I found them all to cut a fairly thin groove out of sprue and was easy to control against a sprue tree connections.

A word of caution with the blades: the thinness to the blades makes them very prone to bending on the forward stroke if you put a little too much “juice” on your motion, so take note to go easy. Cuts were fast and easy and clean, and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a decent hand saw for small areas or cutting parts off the sprue tree without compressing the plastic.

IMG_1294 (800x575)


The MSC Review Connect would like to thank Brian Messier for providing his review of Trumpeter’s Mini Razor Saw!


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