Leopard Club/Trackpad/Scorpion Models Newsletter

The most exciting news in recent months are the releases or pending releases of new Leopard models.
We have already seen Revell release their early Leopard 1 kit which is reviewed here by Jürgen Schulz and Kenneth Ostergaard.

With this kits release, we have amended the instructions for some of Leopard Workshop’s sets. The following kits can be used to improve the Revell kit:

LW010 Leopard 1 Suspension Upgrade http://leopardclub.ca/workshop/LW010/
LW011 Leopard 1 Suspension Swing Arms http://leopardclub.ca/workshop/LW011/

Of course, LW001-1 (Replacement Road Wheels and Idlers) and LW019N (Leopard 1 ‘Naked’ Gun Barrel) are equally applicable as improvement sets, as are other sets in the shop.
Basically, the Revell kit is quite nice with some good options, but it can benefit from from some further detailing. With this in mind, Leopard Workshop will be releasing an Improvement Set (LW033) aimed primarily at the Revell release, though it can be used on other Leopard 1 kits. More news on this when it is released during February.
Leopard 1 fans can still feel a little let down as the kit manufacturers have still not given us a state-of-the-art, well-researched kit.
To soothe the brows of Leopard 1 fans (and only for those who can afford it, unfortunately) Perfect Scale Modellbau have the exciting news of their release on a Biber. Limited to a production run of only 100, this will is being sold on a first-come, first-served basis. http://www.perfect-scale.de/de/www-perfect-scale-de-3/Brueckenlegepanzer-Biber.html
For Leopard 2 fans, we have a bonanza of releases. First of all, the Hobby Boss Canadian Leopard 2A4M CAN is now being shipped from the factory to the stores – and it looks very good indeed, certainly a lot better than HB’s previous disappointing Leopard 2 releases.
Meng have also announced a Leopard 2A7 which no doubt will be up to the usual excellent standard of last years Leopard 2A4 release.
Y-Modelle, in their usual esoteric way, have released two versions of Wisent 2 – both AEV and ARV. Some of you may wonder what this is. It has been developed by the German company FFG who are currently building the first machines for the Canadian Army, all equipped as AEVs. It is Leopard 2-based, and the real machines have all been converted from ex-Dutch or ex-Swiss chassis.

Leopard Workshop

New releases.
Leopard 2A4, Batch 8, 4 + 4 Smoke Launchers
Specifically for use with Meng’s Leopard 2A4
This set is designed specifically for use with Meng Leopard 2A4. Meng has omitted the correct launchers from their otherwise excellent kit, so this set now allows you to accurately complete the last production Leopard 2A4 as it should be.
What is the difference you may ask? For Batch 8 only, KMW (the manufacturers) decided to strengthen up the mounting rails. These, therefore, have more thickness to them as well as a different central mounting block on the lower rail. The launchers themselves are also a mixture. The top row uses the original launchers used on both Leopard 1 and 2 (LW026 and 027A), but the launchers on the bottom row are the same as those used on the newer 6 + 2 rails (LW027B).

L7 105 mm ammunition boxes
Used mainly by Denmark and Norway.
Wooden ammunition boxes were used quite frequently by Denmark and Norway as extra stowage.
Norway, in particular, had no provision on their Leopard 1 for carrying snow grousers, somewhat surprising considering their winter terrain. L7 105 mm ammunition boxes were therefore utilised for carrying grousers on Leopard 1NO.
UN and IFOR Danish Leopard 1A5DKs were often seen with boxes as simple stowage boxes – either one or two on the rear deck, or single boxes on the glacis or slung below the two front tow hooks.

Trackpad Publishing
This book has now been published in time for the release of the Hobby Boss kit.
This is collaboration from Dan Hay, Peter van Iren, Anthony Sewards and Matthew Worth. It generally concentrates on the 2A4M CAN in Canadian service, though there are chapters on Afghanistan service and the basic 2A4M it is based on. Over 250 photos.

Trackpad 2A4M Cover.jpg

Competition for this book is provided by Tankograd Publishing with a book of the same title. Trackpad’s book is more expensive, but in its 80 pages you get 250 photos as opposed to 74 photos in 40 pages.
The Tankograd book concentrates on the tank in Afghan guise. The Trackpad book looks at the tank in service in Canada without the slats and without the Barracuda (though Afghanistan is also well covered). The Trackpad book also takes a brief look at the ‘ordinary’ 2A4 in Canadian service. With the upcoming model from HobbyBoss due any time now, both books should have room on the bookshelf of any Leopard fan. In our opinion, the two books do not clash with each other, but compliment each other nicely. The Tankograd book is reviewed here: http://leopardclub.ca/reviews/books/Tankograd/2A4M-CAN/
 The Trackpad book is reviewed here in German. http://www.militarymodelling.info/trackpad-publishing-model-foto-focus-canadian-leopard-2a4m-can/ Use Google Translate into your own language…

Back to Leopard Club!

Recently reviewed is Y-Modelle’s Leopard 2A7+ (2015 version) http://leopardclub.ca/reviews/Y-Modelle/2A7_plus/. We also take a look at Takograd’s Leopard 2A7 book from Ralph Zwilling http://leopardclub.ca/reviews/books/Tankograd/2A7/ and the already-motioned 2A4M CAN book by Carl Schulze.
New Spotlights and In the Field pages cover Australian AS1 from Andres Hecke, an unusual Austrian Leopard 2A4O from Walter Lampel,
Reader’s Models have new additions from Jürgen Schulz, with his Fahrschulpanzer, Gepard, Bergepanzer 2 and Volker Kuhn with another Bergepanzer 2 as well as a Büffel, Leopard 1A4, 2A6, 2A6M CAN with mine rollers and an 2A7+. Diethelm Berlage gives us his Chilean and Indonesian Leopard 2A4s and Hauke Arendt has now completed and painted his amazing GVT-04 twin-gunned prototype.
All of the above are summarised on the What’s New page where you will find easy links to everything. http://leopardclub.ca/new/
Don’t forget to drop into The Leopard Club Shop for very good prices on very good items which now include Schatton Modellbau aerials and Leopard 2 ammunition! We also stock the new Spanish Leopard 2 decals from FC Modeltipshttp://leopardclub.ca/Shop/
I would like to announce an off-shoot of Leopard Club. Scorpion Miniature Models has been set up to retail mainly British Cold-War military vehicles. We have a co-operation with HKCW who are starting to release a series of kits produced in the UK. A conversion and a decal set relating to the British CVRT Scorpion and Scimitar are the first offerings. See more here: http://www.scorpion-miniature-models.co.uk/

CK3503 label.jpg

3501 Decals.jpg

Keep on Leopard modelling – and Scorpions:-)

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