Modelers Social Club 2015 Model of the Year


Modelers Social Club

Model of the Year

Each month throughout the year, Modelers Social Club runs the Model of the Month Contest (MoM) where all members of the MSC Family (members of the MSC Forum) are encouraged to participate by entering a model they have actively built and finished within the community. This is a friendly gathering of like minded individuals sharing their completed builds and where they allow members of the forum to choose the model they feel deserves to be #1 that month.

At the end of the year, MSC takes each of the winners from all twelve months and automatically enters them into the Model of the Year Contest (MoY) on the forum. This is the one chance for all members of the MSC Community to get together and cast their vote for the one model they feel is deserves the coveted title of Model of the Year. Now that 2015 has come to a close and the final votes have been tallied for the December Model of the Month, we now have a complete list of entrants for the Model of the Year Contest!!

Magazine-Reloaded-Military-Wallpaper (800x515)

The voting poll will be open to all members for Seven (7) days. Please take the time to look over the entrants and make your choice for the 2015 Model of the Year


MSC Members, please follow this link to the voting booth!


The rules for entering the MoM are as follows:

1) The MoM is open to all registered members of the MSC who have been a member for at least 1 full month. Only registered members may vote in the MoM and each member may vote only once through a poll voting post that will be put up in the Model of the Month Voting forum. Members are given 7 days to vote and once your vote is cast you WILL NOT be allowed to change it, so choose wisely! After the 7 days, the poll will close and the vote results displayed for all members and that month’s Model of the Month declared.

2) Each member may enter ONLY ONE model into the MoM for a given month. Models entered in previous MoM contests are ineligible for consideration. The model must have been completed in the same month of the MoM contest it is entered in (no past completions are allowed!) and the build must have been blogged here on the MSC. Once a modeler declares a build is ‘complete’ or ‘finished’ in the blog thread, that is what will be used to determine eligibility. Additional tweaks or modifications such as adding a figure, modifying the base, etc. will not be sufficient to consider it ‘finally’ complete in a different month, so be careful when you declare something ‘done’!

3) Members seeking to enter must contact a Moderator or Admin team member via PM prior to the final day of the month to have their entry included in that month’s MoM. This is to ensure we don’t forget anyone or leave them out by mistake. Please include in the PM a link to your build blog thread and/or Gallery thread where appropriate.

4) Winners of each month’s MoM will be eligible to participate in the special Model of the Year (MoY) competition in January to crown the MSC Model of the Year build. Monthly winners will be entitled to their choice of the latest edition of either Scale Aviation Modeller, Model Aircraft International, or Scale Military Modeller International magazines courtesy of SAM Publications.




Build what you like, when you like, however you like, and have fun doing it

The philosophy of MSC is a simple one. MSC encourages a friendly atmosphere for all of our members and the forums are a place where every one of all ages and from around the globe can come to relax with fellow modelers and enjoy the hobby.


MOY 2 (800x772)

Not a member?

Please stop by the Modelers Social Club Forum and sigh up today!


Most importantly, please remember that this is a friendly contest among the MSC community and have that spirit when voting or participating!

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