Panzers of the Wehrmacht 1933-1945

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Panzers of the Wehrmacht 1933-1945
By Alexander Lüdeke
Published in 2015 by Pen & Sword Military
Pen & Sword Books, Ltd.
ISBN 978-1-47382-397-6
Copyright © Alexander Lüdeke 2015
MSRP – UK £12.99 / US $17.95

The German war machine had one of the most prolific collection of armored vehicles on the field of battle during the Second World War. Unless you have spent a good deal of time researching specifics over the years and can retain all that knowledge, there are almost too many types of tanks to keep track of; not to mention the individual variants of each type of tank. Enter the Fact File series of books from Pen and Sword Books. Panzers of the Wehrmacht 1933-1945 is the latest book from the series.
Panzers of the Wehrmacht is a comprehensive listing of Panzers used by the Third Reich during the Second World War. Historian and author, Alexander Lüdeke, compiles the long list of these Panzers into short, highly detailed synopsis of each tank. The book is broken down into eight chapters spanning this 127-page soft cover book.

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• Introduction
• Glossary
• Small-size Armored Vehicles
• Light Panzers
• Medium Panzers
• Heavy Panzers
• Tank Hunters (Panzerjager)
• Assault Guns and Panzers
• Howitzer-Panzers
• Flakpanzers

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From cover to cover, the author has packed this book with  excerpts about each tank outlined within. With each of these passages we are given a brief description of the creation and operational history along with a combination of black and white period photographs, museum pictures and color profile renderings showing us what each of these vehicles look like. Included in each description is an insert table giving us statistical information behind the panzers, such as manufacturer, weights and measurements, fuel capacity, range, armament and more.


Panzers of the Wehrmacht 1933-1945 is a fantastic pocket reference to the Panzers of the German war machine of WWII. Although this is a short book the  the information provided is on-point and technical; well worth the cover price for its quick referencing qualities. The fastest personal reference guide to all of the Panzers of the German Wehrmacht…a must have for the modellers and the German armor enthusiast alike.


Highly Recommended!



Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Pen & Sword Books for providing a copy of Panzers of the Wehrmacht 1933-1945 for this review

Pen & Sword


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