Model Aircraft Magazine – January 2016

Here is a flavor of what we have in store for the first MA of the year!


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Model Aircraft Extra – ‘IAI Kfir in Foreign Service’, 
with background details, a walk around from Santiago Rivas and a full model build from Vini Pompeo


‘Marines Mike’ -
Andy Renshaw builds the A-4M

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‘The Avro Shackleton – A British Institution’ -
Len Whalley and Paul Lucas look at the history of the last of the long-range British piston-engine aircraft


Combat Edge – Fighting Colours – ‘The Six’
- Lockheed’s F-106 Delta Dart with background details, colour profiles by JP Viera and a full model build from James Dickerson

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‘A Super Maneuverable Flanker’ -
Chris McDowell builds the 1:48 Academy SU-30MK


‘An Indian Summer’ -
Tim Senior reports from RAF Coningsby on Exercise ‘Indradanush 2015’

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‘French Lessons’ -
Neil Pinchbeck looks at the Salmson 2-A2


Luftwaffe ‘Night Owl’
- Christoff Theunissen guides you through painting and finishing the 1:48 Tamiya He 219 A-7 ‘Uhu’

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Combat-Zone – ‘Dr Strangelove’
- Anthony Tucker-Jones recounts the strange tale of America’s top-secret Arctic Air Defences


‘Wingtip Winders’
- Bruce Rowe, a former McDonnell Douglas Structural Flight Loads Engineer who worked on the AV-8B, describes one the upgrades looked at for the Harrier.


Merlin Powered Warhawk!’ -
Angel Esposito builds the 1:72 Special Hobby Curtiss P-40F-1


MIG Masterclass – ‘Grounded in the Desert’
- Mark Chisholm shows you how to produce a realistic weathered finish on an abandoned Bf 109 using Ammo of MIG Products


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MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy



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