January 2016 Issue of SMMI

Here’s just some of the features we have in the next issue of SMMI


Scale Manual – Kliment Voroshilov KV-1
 Background, Walk Around and
Scale Plans Soviet in 1:72and 1:35 and
Giuseppe Artdp describes how he weathered the 1:35 Trumpeter kit in our ‘Steppes Shooter’ build

‘An IJN Amphibian’ -
Mark Chisholm details the 1:35 Dragon Ka-Mi Floating Tank

‘Step-by-Step StuG’
 – Giuseppe Artdp shows you ‘how to’ weather the 1:35 Dragon StuG IV

‘Bedsprings to Berlin’
- Eduard Valishin builds a 1:35 Dragon T-34/85, from May 1945



‘On The Prowl’ -
Christoff Theunissen sets Dragon’s 1:35 Early Production Tiger 1 and MiniArt’s T-80 in a Battle of Kursk diorama


- ‘The Nazi White Elefant’ 
- Anthony Tucker-Jones profiles the mighty Panzerjäger Tiger (P) better known as the Jagdpanzer ‘Elefant’

Snow Puma
– Jacob Hederstierna-Johnsen builds the 1:35 Dragon Sd.Kfz.234/2 in a Worn Winter White Scheme

Modelling with MIG
– ‘Double Trouble’
– Charlie Pritchett shows you how to paint and weather the 1:35 Takom 12.8cm FlaK 40 ‘Zwilling’



- Paweł Grzondziel details the 1:35 Tristar Sturmpanzer IV

Maintenance Manual
- ‘Field Workshop’
- Ian Young provides references for the Bussing Nag with Crane

Plus our unrivaled Figure and Military News sections plus Preview and Reviews of the latest products on the market.

And look out for the announcement of a major new sponsored feature in SMMI – coming very soon!

Order your copy from www.sampublications.com



MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy


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