Crimson Models and Hobbies

Crimson Models and Hobbies is now open for business!  With a growing selection of kits and accessories, Crimson Models and Hobbies caters to modelers and hobby enthusiasts!

crimson-banner (800x180)

“While I may not be able to always guarantee the lowest prices I will guarantee competitive prices, fast shipping, and responsive customer service. If you would like me to offer a specific product feel free to send me a message and I will do what I can.”   ~  Dave (Rolltide31 )

Crimson Models and Hobbies is a Veteran owned and operated hobby store for modelers and hobby enthusiasts. Crimson is continuing to expand their product listing. Currently several well know-products are already offered by Crimson:

•    FlyHawk
•    Pavla
•    Master Model
•    Merit
•    AFV
•    Eduard
•    Blackdog
•    Alliance Model Works

CRIMSON-MODELS-AND-HOBBIES_final_01102015 (576x577)

Link to the Crimson Models and Hobby Ebay Store

Follow them on Ebay as more items are listed!!




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