PJ Productions – Mirage Accessories Fall 2015



PJ Production specializes in the creation and production of resin scale models and accessories aimed at amateurs of military aircraft kits and aviation-related dioramas in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd scale.  They also produce an extensive range of WW1, WW2 and modern, RAF, USAF, Armée de l’Air, Japanese and German pilot figures as well as vehicles such as the R4 Renault and the VW Transporter. Our motto: accuracy, fine detail, quality, customer service.


Recently PJ Productions release a large listing of 1/48 and 1/72 scale accessories. Most of these items are suggested to be use on various Mirage aircraft models.


1/72 RPK Tanks

Model No. 721215

MSRP – 14.00 € / $15.99 US

The Mirage 5’s have the optional capability for carrying external supersonic fuel tanks. These 500 liter tanks are designed to handle a weapons payload as well; up to four bombs each.

PJ Productions 1/72 scale version of the RPK Tanks comes supplied in a small end-opening cardboard box. All of the parts supplied with this kit are cast in cream-colored resin and are sealed in a Ziploc type bag.




  • 2 – RPK Tanks
  • 16 – Bomb attachment brackets
  • 8 – Bombs


The parts are crisply molded and appear to be free from air bubbles. All of the parts are still attached to their respective casting block. Some minor cleanup will be needed after removing the parts from these blocks. PJ Productions supplied small one-page set of instructions which include painting suggestions. If documentation is correct, they can be installed on any 1/72 Mirage 5F, IIIO, Mirage 50 and Panthera aircraft.


1/72 Mirage IIE/5F Weapons Set

Model No. 721214

MSRP – 17.80 €/ $20.30 US


The Mirage IIIE and 5F versions are capable of hosting a wide variety of weapons packages. PJ Productions created the Mirage IIE/5F Weapons Set to upgrade to soft detailing found in the manufactured model kits. This set is sold in a small end-opening cardboard box containing a Ziploc type bag filled with parts. All of these parts have been cast in a cream colored resin.




  • 2 – Standard Pylons
  • 2 – MATRA R-550 Magic 2 Missiles
  • 2 – AIM-9B Sidewinder Missiles
  • 4 – CES-3 Pylons
  • 2 – LAU-32
  • 2 – LRF-4
  • 2 – Phimat
  • 2 – Barracda 2
  • 2 – Barrax
  • 2 – Ventral Pylon PM3 + Alkan P65 Adaptor
  • 2 – STRIM Bomb
  • 2 – JL-100 with CRP-18 Pylon

The 1/72 Mirage IIE/5F Weapons Set gives the builder a fine selection of weapons to outfit their Mirages. All of the parts have been crisply cast. Some minor cleanup will be required where the armament was attached to their casting blocks.

20150831_165514 (800x774)

1/72 Cargo Pod

Model No. 721219

MSRP – 2.80 € / $3.20 US


This little pod is used on various aircraft for storage of the pilots gear when deployed abroad.



  • 1 – Cargo Pod

This Cargo Pod is sold in small pegboard display package containing one cream colored resin Pod and a simple one-sided set of instructions. The parts is cast cleanly and only the attachment point where the part was connected to the casting block is present.

20150831_165716 (763x800)


1/72 NORD AS-30

Model No. 721218

MSRP – 3.80 € / $4.30 US


The AS-30 is and air-to-ground precision attack missile that have seen use with the SEPECAT Jaguar, Super-Étendard and Mirage aircraft.



  • 1 – Pylon
  • 1 AS-30 Missile

The NORD AS-30 missile is sold in a small pegboard display package containing one pylon and one complete rocket. Both parts are cast in solid resin and are free from air bubbles and casting seam lines.


The Matra R.530 is a French medium to short range air-to-air missile. It was available in Infrared homing and SARH as the main armament of the Mirage III which was able to carry a single missile in the centerline, the Mirage F1, which carried 2 (1 of each type) under the wings, and the F-8 Crusader in the French Navy service.

20150831_165912 (712x800)

1/72 MATRA R-530

Model No. 721217

MSRP – 3.60 € / $4.10 US




  • 1 – Pylon
  • 1 – MATRA R-530 Missile

This MATRA R-530 missile is sold complete with one pylon and one missile. Both parts are cast in cream colored resin.

20150831_170048 (745x800)

1/72 MATRA AS-37 Martel

Model No. 721216

MSRP – 8.60 € / $9.75 US


The MATRA AS-37 is an ARM Missile (Anti-Radiation Missile) used on the Buccaneer, Jaguar and Mirage III/F1 aircraft



  • 10 – Pieces of cream colored resin parts




PJ Productions continues to add detailed resin accessories designed for fans of the Mirage corner of the aircraft modelling community. All of the pieces are cast very well and with the exception of where the casting block are installed, there is very little cleanup to be done before painting. All of these samples are valued priced and should make for fantastic additions to detail-up anyone’s Mirage models.

Highly Recommended


Modelers Social Club would like to thank PJ Productions for providing these samples for review.










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