What is the one thing all these tanks listed below have in common?

Israeli Sho’t Kal
Israeli Merkava 1 and 2
Israeli Tiran 5
M1 Abrams
Japanese Type 74
M60 series
Swedish Stridsvagn 103
German Leopard 1
Swiss Panzer 58, 61 and 68
Some upgraded M47s
Some upgraded M48s
Korean K1
Argentinian TAM
Vickers MBT Vijayanta

(Some of the tanks above may have been sleeved, but if you are looking for a naked L7, this may be the answer. )

That’s right, the British L7 105 mm gun or a license-built version.

L7 (800x540)

Leopard Club have a range of three L7 guns obviously aimed at the Leopard 1 modeller. They can all be found here http://leopardclub.ca/workshop/

However, the ‘Naked’ version, as they have labelled it, is suitable for most of the tanks in the list above. It is a very simple kit with a turned aluminim barrel (with rifling)and just three resin parts http://leopardclub.ca/workshop/LW019N/

LW019N_instructions (650x800)

Head over to the Leopard Club and take a look!



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