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Lootpile.eu are producers of a variety of tools, paintbrushes and display domes as well as being a vendor for GOLDEN™ Paints manufacture by US based Golden Artist Colors. Lootpile.eu is based in Poland and offers their line of products online for the Scale Model and Wargaming communities.

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It’s time to protect and keep some of the little treasures we build clean while on the shelf!   Recently I was fortunate enough to be sent some Glass Domes from LootPile.eu. There are three separate sizes of domes sold from LootPile.eu, XS (Extra Small), S (Small) and M (Medium).


  • XS Glass Dome – 7.95€ / $8.96 US
  • S Glass Dome – 13.95€ / $15.25 US
  • M Glass Dome – 19.95€ / $21.80 US


Each dome is packaged very well for shipping.  These glass domes come nestled inside a protective surrounding of Expanded Polystyrene and inside a cardboard box.

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The bases of the domes are made of solid wood and come with a thin cutout for the clear glass dome top to fit into.


The XS Glass dome is perfect for displaying figures around the 28mm scale but anything smaller up to about 1/35 or 54mm could fit in the dome just fine. The S Glass Dome is actually a medium-sized dome and fits figures or small vignettes up to and around the 120 mm scale. Finally, the larger M Glass Dome comfortably houses 1/16 and even some 1/20 scale figures quite nicely.




The Glass Domes from LootPile.eu are a fantastic way to display your miniature treasures. The design of these Domes is simple yet effective and the low cost even with shipping make them a decent value for anyone looking to protect their miniature creations in a dust free environment. I have to recommend these domes to anyone looking for a low cost way to obtain a quick and effective means to displaying their miniature collection beautifully.

Highly Recommended



Modelers Social Club and MSC Review Connect would like to thank LootPile.eu for providing samples of their Glass Domes for this review! Please stop by the LootPile.eu website to see other great modelling accessories and tools they have to offer.




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