Value Gear – 1/20 – 1/16 Sci-Fi Ammo Cans


20150730_125120 (800x583)

16 Pieces

MSRP – $18.00 US

20150630_144141 (800x657)
Value Gear is known for supplying the modelling community with universal stowage items for all their scale modelling needs.  Traditionally Value Gear has supplied a universal generic offerings of cast resin of wooden boxes and crates to tarps and full bed stowage packs in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35 scaling, Value Gear has now broken out into the larger scales of 1/20 and 1/16.  Recently I reviewed two other sets of Value Gear’s larger scale stowage items, 1/20 – 1/16 Wooden Crates Set #1, 1/20 – 1/16 Wooden Crates Set #2 and 1/20 – 1/16 Tarp & Crate Set #2 sets. I have the pleasure now in reviewing one of their latest Sci-Fi set; 1/20 – 1/16 Sci-Fi Ammo Cans.
20150630_144335 (800x653)
This 16 piece set is cast in resin depicting a variety of generic ammunition cans that can be used for either Sci-Fi or Maschinen Krieger. All of the castings are extremely clean and free from flash and any air bubbles.  here is a nice mixture of small to large canisters included in the set.  All of the pieces have fine detailing in panel separation, handles and various other detailing which gives these pieces their Sci-Fi qualities.




In the end, Value Gear Details has done it again.  The 1/20 – 1/16 Sci-Fi Ammo Cans is a fine collection of detailed diorama accessories all in one package.  The unique designs and overall useful nature of the parts are perfect for anyone looking to spruce up a Sci-Fi or Ma.K diorama.  The castings of the parts are crisp, clean and after a quick washing of the part they are ready to paint out of the package.  Finally, the 16 piece parts count for a very reasonable price makes the set a great value as well!  Highly Recommended!


Modelers Social Club and MSC Review Connect would like to thank Value Gear Details for providing the 1/20 – 1/16 Sci-Fi Ammo Cans for this review!


Other 1/20 & 1/16 sets of universal accessories from Value Gear




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