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Lootpile.eu, an online manufacturer and merchant of their own line of products online for the scale model and wargaming communities. They produce of a variety of tools, paintbrushes and display domes as well as being a vendor for GOLDEN™ paints manufacture by US based Golden Artist Colors.


Synthetic and Sable Brushes


In modelling we use a number of tools to obtain the finish we are looking for on our models. Many of us have taken to the airbrush route for priming, shading and coloring our models and figures; however, more often than not, the use of a brush is essential for detailing, highlighting, filters, washes and all aspects of weathering.   When it comes to brushes, the better the quality, the better the finish; not to mention, an easier application. Lootpile.eu produces a two lines of paintbrushes for the modelling and artist community.

20150709_213401 (800x450)


Lootpile.eu produces both Synthetic and Sable brushes in in a variety of styles and sizes. Each of their brushes come with black lacquered handles with a color coding of green for Sable and Orange for Synthetic. The bristles are set into nickel-plated brass ferules with a solid crimp.

The brushes I received for this review are a selection of more commonly used brushes by modelers and figure painters; a combination of Round, Round Point, Flat and Detail Round. While both types of brushes can be used for just about all painting needs, the Sable brushes are best used with oil paints and enamel based weathering products and the Synthetic brushes are ideal for acrylic applications.

20150709_213512 (800x588)

The Sable bristles are of excellent quality and respond very well to oil paint applications and equally as well with enamel based washes for weathering. These brushes are resilient and hold their shape well especially after cleaning.

20150709_213734 (800x450)

The Synthetic bristles are high-quality and come with sharp points and edges. There is excellent responsiveness of these brushes under a variety of acrylic paints, washes and even water based oil paints (yes they exist).


Paintbrush Stand


Another listing on the Lootpile.eu website is their branded Paintbrush Stand. This is a crescent-shaped holder with eight holes to accommodate the standard brush handle sizing and one for 8F size brushes. The holder appears to be made from a resilient pressed board material (MDF) with a laminated pressed board top. A useful tool for keeping one’s brushes organized and the bristles protected.

20150709_213902 (800x450)



I will have to say I am impressed with the quality of the Lootpile.eu Synthetic and Sable Brushes. After putting these brushes through a normal workout on the bench with a variety of products, each of the brushes performed well resulting with pleasing results for application, responsiveness and durability. The crescent-shaped Paintbrush Holder, while an innocuous organizational tool, is a perfect complement to anyone’s paintbrush collection to keep from allowing the bristles to come in contact with surfaces that can damage them.   The brushes range of cost for these brushes is $1.00 US (0.90€) to $3.44 US (3.10€).  Lootpile.eu lists eighteen brushes to choose from making these brushes a fine value for anyone looking for a quality made and durable brush for their hobby needs. With the savings, it would only make sense to pick up one of the handy Paintbrush Holders for the great value of $6.60 US (5.95€).


Highly Recommended!


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Lootpile.eu for providing samples of their paintbrush line and holder for this review.

MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy



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