Acher Fine Transfers – Propaganda Posters

PhotoScan (800x675)
Scale – 1/35
MSRP – $6.95 US
Model No.’s – AR35384, AR35385, AR35387, AR35388, AR35389, AR35391

Adding to the growing list of printed diorama accessories from Archer Fine Transfers, makers of AFT Decals, Dry Transfers and Resin Surface Details, they release six new sets of Propaganda Posters. These posters are printed on quality paper with waterproof inks:

New Sets of Propaganda Posters

• AR35384 – Dutch (23 Posters)
• AR35385 – Canadian (17 Posters)
• AR35387 – French WWII (17 Posters)
• AR35388 – Polish WWII (30 Posters)
• AR35389 – Russian WWII (24 Posters)
• AR35391 – Spanish Civil War (18 Posters)

These sets are sold individually for $6.95 US (plus shipping) and all come with a large variety of scale propaganda posters to choose from in each package. The high resolution printing process renders excellent image quality with crisp coloring.

These posters are excellent for adding detail to any period diorama and are simple to use. Simply cut out the posters you would like to use and attach them through the use of a Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) such as white school glue or something comparable. To add a higher level of detail, the posters can be crumpled, burned or even faded through the use of an airbrush.


New accessories are always a welcomed addition to the long line of tools we can use to create our dioramas and vignettes. The new sets of Propaganda Posters from Archer Fine Transfers are such welcomed additions. They are cleanly printed accurate depictions of Propaganda Posters from the time period they are suggested to be from. The quality of the paper they are printed on is decent and the waterproof inks used to create these posters is excellent. These Posters are a quick, easy and cost efficient way to bring life to any diorama or vignette. I highly recommend these posted to anyone looking to add color and detail to their scale scenes.

Highly Recommended

Modelers Social Club and MSC Review Connect would like to thank Archer Fine Transfers for providing samples of their 20th Century Propaganda Posters for review.




MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy


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