Uschi van der Rosten – Photo Etch Drainage Trench Grill

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MSRP – 16.90€ / $18.85 US (plus Shipping)


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Adding to the ever-growing line of modelling accessories, Uschi van der Rosten now offers the Photo Etch Drainage Trench Grills. a (29) (429x354)Originally designed for use with Uschi’s Scenic Displays, these Drainage Trench Grill sets are to add the detail of a runway and tarmac drainage grating seen in most airports around the world.


Drainage Trench and Basin Set

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For this review, I will be looking at the Drainage Trench Basin Set. This set comes with three photo etch grill parts. There are two long segmented grill sections and one small rectangular grill included. The longer segments grills are 238mm (9.37 inches) in length containing 28 individual grills all connected together. The smaller grill measures 38 x 28.5mm (1.37 x 1.12 inches). Each of the grill are finely etched adding significant detailing to the grills as well as fastener head patterns as seen on the original tarmac and apron grills.


The longer grill sections can be cut easily to any length depending on how long of a grill is needed. Finishing of the grills can be done in the same fashion as you would when working with standard brass photo etching. Some suggestions for finishing these parts would be to prime and paint, prime and use Metal Polishing Powders (as seen below) or Photo Etch Burnishing Fluids.

20150630_154132 (800x685)

Installation of these grills is fairly straightforward and can be done in a variety of ways depending on what is needed. It is advisable to paint the photo etch before installation, this this would prevent having to try an cut in the painting afterwards. A suggested method for installation of the grills when using a diorama accessory like the Uschi Scenic Displays is with a tiered base setup. As shown in the graphic below where a filler base such as foam or even poster board, between the actual base and the Scenic Display.

a (28) (480x360)

Leaving a small trench, attach the photo etch grills to the filler board, straddling the trench you created. Slide the sections up to the edge of the photo etch parts and affix them in place. This creates a smooth transition from the Scenic Display and the Grills. Prior to placement of the grills, the modeler can employ the use of various grasses, foliage, rocks…possibly even water effects, to create a more realistic scene.


Another for of installation would be to retro-fit the grills directly on top of a solid base without the use of a fillers to create the trench. The grills can be glued down directly onto the finished base; however there photo etch parts will be the thickness of the etch parts higher than the existing base. Although there are some examples of real world grills being higher than the surrounding ground level, some blending may be needed.


Three Purchasing Options

  • Drainage Trench and Basin Set
  • Drainage grill 19.5 x 17mm (1/48-1/32-1/35)
  • Collector Bassin Grill 35×28.5mm (1/48-1/32-1/35)


Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing one of Uschi van der Rosten’s Scenic Displays; the Da Nang Air Force Base. I discovered the Scenic Displays are a quick and easy way to put together to create a detailed diorama setting for your model. Now that I have the opportunity to take a look at the new Photo Etch Drainage Trench Grill sets, I used the Da Nang AFB to test the grills out.

35 (616x461)


Here is a short video showing how to install the Drainage Trench and Basin Set.




The Drainage Trench and Basin Set from Uschi van der Rosten is a fantastic way to add a high level of realistic detailing to any diorama base. The parts have been etched cleanly and crisp from thick enough brass sheet that the parts can be handled without worry of damaging them and thin enough that they have a true appearance in scale. The parts finish the same as you would any other brass photo etching are easy to install. Although these grills are used on airport tarmacs and aprons, they can be basically be used in any diorama capacity within 1/48, 1/35 and 1/32 scaling; possibly into 1/16 and 1/20 Sci-Fi realm. I highly recommend the Drainage Trench and Basin Set to anyone looking drainage grills and/or to raise the detailing of their dioramas to the next level.


Highly Recommended


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Uschi van der Rosten for providing a sample of their Drainage Trench and Basin Set for review.




MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy







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