Coming Soon from SAM Publications – MDF Scaled Down #3


The Fairey Firefly

F.Mk.1 to U.Mk.9

100 Pages

Price: £9.99


Designed as a naval fighter and used as such in World War II, the Fairey Firefly also saw service as a night fighter; strike fighter, anti-submarine aircraft, and a trainer in a variety of roles including that of target tug and as a target itself. It took part in the Malaysian Emergency and went to war again in Korea, giving over twenty years active service in both British and foreign hands. While not particularly fast, the Firefly was a superb performer and was much appreciated by its pilots for its excellent agility and handling, and while it couldn’t carry the heaviest of payloads, it packed a substantial punch from a strong and forgiving airframe.


In the third of SAM Publications new MDF Scaled Down series, acknowledged author Paul Bradley looks at the history and development of this important aircraft, and details the types development, its war and peacetime roles and the armed forces the Firefly served with. This book covers the variants, squadrons and operators with clear and concise text, colour and black and white images, colour side views, walk-arounds, a kitography and how to model the Firefly in popular scales.


Available for Pre-Order Now!!




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