Master Box – Pin-up

Box front (800x535)


Kit # MB35183

Scale – 1/35

MSRP – $19.95US

Review By Shawn W. Gehling


This is the kit a lot of us have been waiting for. The Pin Up kit from Master Box Ltd kit gives you six female figures; all are in US Pin-up styles from the nineteen forties or World War II. Four of the figures are standing and two sitting. If you have ever seen World War II era Pin-ups then I don’t need to explain anything. Each is dressed (or undressed if you wish) in scanty clothing or Lingerie representing beautiful Patriotic woman supporting the US of A and the brave men fighting the war.

Directions - Box back (697x800)

There is one representing a US Marine Corps mechanic, one is representing the US Navy, one is representing Uncle Sam, one is representing the US Army, one is representing the all American Girl and one is representing the US Air Force. The Willis Jeep and Harley Davidson motorcycle on the box front are not included in this set.  Although there is an excellent Dry Transfer US Flag even though it is the wrong one for that era as it has 50 stars versus the 48 star flag used during World War II.  (Alaska and Hawaii were not states yet) They all appear to be well molded and look great.

The Kit Contains


1 sprue with 52 pieces that have no flash.


Master Box has six (6) beautifully molded female Pin-ups just waiting to be built to raise the spirits of every red blooded American boy. Everything that these women depict is covered in numerous books, so information on these should not be too hard to find. Overall each of these figures are a masterpiece in their own right, and should build into an outstanding single figure or diorama and is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys figures. I purchased this kit for $19.95 at the local Hobby Town USA in Lynnwood, Washington.


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Shawn W. Gehling for providing his review of Master Box Ltd’s Pin Up kit.


MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy


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