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Value Gear is one man’s dream to create a set of accessory universal stowage items for use in scale modelling. These somewhat generic items could be used on pretty much whatever the builders mind would let them use it on.


For some time now, Value Gear has been producing high quality, exceptional stowage items in 1/35, 1/48 and 1/72 scales. While these are perfect even to mix and match sometimes between these scales,  when it comes to larger scales, the smaller stowage items end up being dwarfed by the much larger 1/16 (120mm) and 1/20 scale builds leaving  a tremendous amount of builders working in these larger scales left searching for quality stowage items…

Until Now!

Value Gear recently released a number of new items, seven to be exact, to their growing line of stowage items which fit into the 1/16 and 1/20 military, figure and Sci-Fi genre scales. I have the pleasure of looking at three sets from the new line of items to review here;  1/20 – 1/16 Wooden Crates Set #1, 1/20 – 1/16 Wooden Crates Set #2 and 1/20 – 1/16 Tarp & Crate Set #2 sets. Each one of the sets of accessories are collections of items that can be used virtually in any diorama or vignette and to be honest, not limited to just the two scales they are listed for if you ask me…but I digress. Here is what you get in each set:

Contents and Overview

 20150608_182450 (800x546)

1/20 – 1/16 Wooden Crates Set #1

  • 10 – Solid cast resin wooden style crates
  • Scale – 1/16 to 1/20
  • MSRP – $20.00 US



Each of these crates in the 1/20 – 1/16 Wooden Crates Set #1 are meticulously mastered and crated in solid, not hollow, resin castings. The inclusion of various sizes of crates in this package, give the builder the best selection when choosing a stowage item for their build. A finely detailed wood grain has been incorporated into these crates along with rope handles and even some simulated nail holes in the support planking. There are enough crates and use in several smaller vignettes over time.



20150608_181551 (800x696)

1/20 – 1/16 Wooden Crates Set #2

  • 10 – Solid cast resin wooden style crates
  • Scale – 1/16 to 1/20
  • MSRP – $20.00 US

20150608_184138 (800x450)


The 1/20 – 1/16 Wooden Crates Set #2 is similar to Set #1 in that you get ten solid cast resin wooden style crates; however, these are completely different shapes and sizes from the previous set. The same quality put into creating the first set is rolled over into Set #2. The casting is basically flawless. There are no air bubbles or flash seen on these crates and in only a couple of the crates will there need to be minor cleanup to the bottom side….and this would be a light sanding at best.



20150608_182925 (800x669)

1/20 – 1/16 Tarp & Crate Set #2

  • 14 – Solid cast resin wooden style crates and rolled tarps
  • Scale – 1/16 to 1/20
  • MSRP – $20.00 US

20150608_182954 (800x770)


In the 1/20 – 1/16 Tarp & Crate Set #2 is an excellent addition to the offering from Value Gear. There are ten “rolls” which look like they could be tarps, bed rolls or even tents. These rolls have been rendered with a fine texture to the simulated cloth and all of these rolls have nicely sculpted straps and buckles. There are four crates included in this set to add a nice assortment of items to draw form when needed.

 20150608_183841 (800x482)



For a while now, I have always kept a healthy supply of the 1/35 scale offerings from Value Gear on hand for the use with various projects throughout the year. i have just found these small stowage items to be basically a necessity when it comes to adding that “little something extra” to a build.  Sometimes the occasional 1/16 figure or Ma.K (Maschinen Krieger) build crops up though which would leave me usually scratch building something to help make the scene; but now, it’s fantastic to know there is a sourcing for universal stowage items available now. The best part aside from the quality of these sets is certainly the universal nature of the parts whereas they can be used for military builds both old and new along with fitting right into the Sci-Fi genre of construction.


The selection of items is perfect mix of items in each of these sets giving a decent amount of options to choose from. The quality of the designs as well as the casting are excellent. There is very little cleanup, if any, to be done prior to painting these pieces making for a pleasant experience by not having to cut off massive casting blocks and then sanding. The overall cost of these sets, $20.00 US, is more than a fair price for what you get in the bags. These are solid cast resin and being in the larger scales amounts to a lot of resin. Add the quality, value and Value Gear’s excellent service and I have to Highly Recommend any of these three sets to anyone looking to add some eye candy to their 1/16 and 1/20 dioramas and vignettes!


Highly Recommended!

 These and more Universal sets of stowage gear can be found on the Value Gear Website


Modelers Social Club and MSC Review Connect would like to thank Value Gear for providing these review samples.


The two 1/16 scale Verlinden Figures (Afrika Korps Infantry & Officer) in this review were recently reviewed for Big John’s Scale Modelling and the full review can be found – HERE!

MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy



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