Aeroplast – T-60 light tank

Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect is proud to present a review of Aeroplast’s T-60 Light Tank Kit by Remco Tijmons!


History about the T-60 tank…

The T-60 light tank was born as a cheaper and less complicated alternative, than the T-50. Design and development was done in factory 37, when they were asked to produce the complicated T-50. Factory 37 was known for its lesser quality produced parts. Also this factory produced the T-40 tank and its land only variant, the T-30 tank. Because these designs were already there, a design was made to use the lower hull, drivetrain and running gear.
A more streamlined upper structure and welded turret were developed in 15 days. Armaments of a 20mm SHVaK canon and 7.62mm DP gun, were remained. The design was approved and sent to production, as a stopgap for better designs. More than 6000 tanks were produced.

The kit


T-60 light tank

Model No. 35044

Scale – 1/35

MSRP – 20,00€ / $22.50 US

The kit is actually a re-box from the Aeroplast kit, with a additional photo etch set. The RPM kit was released in 1999. Inside the box we find three spruces, a photo etch set, building instructions and decals for five different vehicles.


The instructions are good, but unfortunately only in the Polish language. In the instructions are shown, were to dismiss the Aeroplast plastics and to add the PE set.

The Plastic

The quality is rather good, regarding it’s a short run kit. It’s a so called ‘’soft mold’’ kit, injected under low pressure. Some parts were the plastic is a bit thick, some sink marks are present. The first sprue contains the complete hull and turret. The other two spruces are identical, containing the running gear, toolboxes and small detailed parts like towing hooks, horn and headlight. Small details like hinges are very simple.

The choice to add the disk and spooked wheels is a nice addition. Unfortunately, the later exhaust is not present here. Only the early T-40/ T-30 exhaust is in the kit. Welding seams are not present, so you have to make it yourself. The molds are good, but some you need to apply with the help of a Punch and Die set. There is no interior, and the kit is supposed to build with hatches closed. Tracks are molded in assembled mode and individual pieces.


Photo Etch

The adding of a photo etch set is a brilliant addition, and punches the kit above average. Manufacturer of this set is unknown. It contains the following:

• Fenders
• Toolboxes
• Additional armor on the turret
• Engine deck with mesh wire and louvers
• Air intake
• Some small strips, straps, wing nuts and other small details


Decals are also present. It contains markings for five vehicles.


• 1. T-60 unidentified unit 1943 (disk wheels and no armor)
• 2. T-60 Manchuria 1944 (no photo found by me)
• 3. T-60 Stalingrad 1943 (no photo found by me)
• 4&5. T-60 2nd battalion 3rd Guards tank brigade 1943 (on the photo, the upper white band above the 3, was later painted over)

Pro’s and Con’s

• Price. Its not a lot of money, for a reasonable kit with a full PE set
• Photo etch set included
• Nice molding for a limited run kit
• Two types of running gear and sprockets
• Extra armor is separate, not integrated in the kit
• Some sink marks in the molds
• Detail can be a bit clunky
• No ‘’later type’’ exhaust
• Tracks are a bit simple
• The back of the wheels have not the detail as on the front


There are two 1/35 T-60 kits made; one by Zvezda, and one by Aeroplast. Reading other reviews from builders who made the Zvezda also, the Aeroplast is superior. With a price of approximately 20,00€, it’s a nice kit. Especially the addition of a PE set, is a bargain. Out of the box it makes a nice representation of a T-60. Building this kit with some aftermarket T-60 tracks, replacing the plastic 20mm barrel with some brass tube and the machine gun, will make this kit a very accurate model. Recommended (and for the Soviet armor enthusiasts, highly recommended)


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review connect would like to thank Remco Tijmons for providing this review of Aeroplast’s T-60 Light Tank Kit!

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