WW2 German Army Große Stabszelt – Medico’s D-tails


WW2 German Army Große Stabszelt

From Medico’s D-tails

Item no: 025

Scale: 1/48 – Printed paper, clear plastic for windows

MSRP: $5.50 / €

Website: http://www.medicosdetails.com

Review by: Sctratchmod

The Kit:



This item from Medico’s D-tails is printed on paper and is in the scale of 1/48 scale and has ten (10) parts to the tent. The tent represents a large HQ tent used in the German military during WWII and has a three tone camouflage scheme. The colors are similar to those used on German tanks of the later half of WWII.


The four sides to the tent are in two sections with flaps that get folded to glue them together. There are two windows on the tent and are on the sides, and have a vertical and horizontal pane. This tent set includes a small clear plastic sheet with windows painted on it. After cutting out the window openings the clear ‘glass’ can be glued in place.



The roof is in one piece with gluing flaps on all four sides. As with the four sides, the roof has printed stitching seams as on the real thing. The roof is to be slightly folded for the pitch of the sides.

There are two external tent rims that get glued to the bottom of the four sides. There is also a small back side flap for a circular opening in the rear, most likely this is for the heater vent pipe. Finally we have two window flaps that can be glued over the window openings or maybe rolled above the window.


Medico’s D-tails supplies a printed instruction sheet clearly showing the folded glue flaps and where each part is glued. I would recommend reading the instructions first before gluing any of the pieces since these are made of paper you may only get one shot at it if the glue dries.


For quarter scale this is a nice little item to have for a small diorama. For this and other tents please check out the Medico’s D-tails website.


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