German Propaganda posters – Medico’s D-tails


WWII German Propaganda posters

From   Medico’s D-tails

Item no: #008

Scale: 18 Posters on one sheet

MSRP: $4.00 / – €


Review by: Sctratchmod

The Kit:

The first review item from Medico’s D-tails are WWII German Propaganda Posters. The printed sheet containing 18 various posters from World War II are of various sizes. Most of the posters are of the Waffen SS, one of Hitler and my favorite is the Panzer poster.

The printed paper is a standard copy paper weight and can be cut with scissors or sharp hobby knife. Regular white glue will work fine for gluing the posters on buildings, walls etc. I recommend applying a Matt clear coat over the posters once applied to seal them from absorbing any weathering mediums. This will also allow you to slightly weather or age the posters if need be.



Another nice item to have if you like to build dioramas with walls or buildings. Medico’s D-tails also carries other various posters so be sure to check out their website for a complete list and for prices.

I’d like to thank Medico’s D-tails for supplying MSC with this and other review items.


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