Leopard Workshop – Leopard 2 Replacement Road Wheels and Idlers

LW013_Labels (800x547)

Kit – Leopard 2 Replacement Road Wheels and Idlers
Model Number – LW013
Scale – 1/35
MSRP – € 18.00 / $20.00

Not so long ago, I had the pleasure of getting a close look and subsequent use of a set of replacement wheels for 1/35 scale Leopard 1 models016from the Leopard Workshop. The LW001 Replacement Road Wheels and Idlers were a vast improvement on the kit supplied wheels in both crispness of the moldings but they offered detailing on the inside of the wheels that is not present on the kit manufacturer’s wheels.037
Since then, the Leopard Workshop has come to the rescue yet again with a set of replacement wheels to replace the previously released set; the LW013 Leopard 2 Replacement Road Wheels and Idlers. The design for these wheels took the original wheel measurements and plugged them into a CAD design giving a near flawless scaled representation of the original wheels. Taking the things one step further, the masters for casting the resin versions sold in the set were printed out using 3D printing technology allowing for crisper detailing throughout the wheels.

20150413_200834 (787x800)


• 2 – Idler front face wheels
• 2 – Idler Rear face wheels
• 14 – Road Wheel front face wheels
• 14 – Road Wheels rear face wheels

These Road Wheel and Idler replacement wheels are sold in a sturdy cardboard box containing all of the wheels defined above sealed in a small Ziploc type baggie and one small instruction sheet. The wheels are cast in resin and appear to be clean and free from flash. Other than a small amount of cleanup where the wheels were attached to a casting blocks.

A quick referencing of these replacement wheels against wheels installed in the majority of Leopard tanks, show the rendering of the scaled versions to be excellent replicas of the full-sized versions. The bolt patterns are correct and the detailing crisp. The edge of the rim is well defined demarcating between the rim itself and the rubber tires. As seen with the previously released set of wheels from the Leopard Workshop, the interior detailing is present.

One item with the new wheels that has been corrected since the release of the first offered wheels is the correction to the fit of the wheels. This set should seamlessly attach to the Tamiya kit with no adjustments needed. With regards to the Hobby Boss kit, a quick drilling of 3.2mm will need to be done to the road wheels to accommodate the kits axels and a small filling in of the idlers wheels to build them out.

LW013_instructions (657x800)



I have said it before and have no problem saying it again…if you are looking to improve the looks of any Leopard tank build, 1 or 2, the Leopard Club needs to be your first stop. As part of the Leopard Club, the Leopard Workshop has consistently provided not only an amazing amount of documentation, reference materials but have built up a one stop shopping center for all things Leopard tank related.

The LW013 Leopard 2 Replacement Road Wheels and Idlers will make an excellent addition for anyone building a Leopard 2. The casting of the wheels is beautiful, the detailing is sharp and accurately represents the original tank wheels in 1/35th scale and finally the price is reasonable…if not a bit lower than you would expect to pay for quality like this. I highly recommend these replacement wheels form the Leopard Workshop.


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Michael Shackleton and the Leopard Club for providing the sample of their Leopard 2 Replacement Road Wheels and Idlers. Please stop by the Leopard Workshop and check out the rest of what they have to offer to make your model of either the Leopard 1 or 2 tanks all it can be.


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