AMMO USA New Releases


AMMO USA New Releases

We present to you our most ambitious project to date: the first volume of the Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques, which is destined to become the definitive reference in the world of aircraft modelling.

A new issue of The Weathering Magazine is also here, focusing on the year 1945. This is sure to be the most exciting issue of The Weathering Magazine to date.

We complete these releases with three new acrylic colors sets for vehicles of the period. And don’t forget to check our COMBO-PACK section, when you can find a perfect chance to take advantage of a special price of some of our best-sellers items.

As always we would like to thank you for all of your trust and support.

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AMMO of Mig Jimenez USA
The ammunition for modeling

A.MIG-6050 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AIRCRAFT MODELLING TECHNIQUES  VOL.1 – COCKPITS $39.95This first volume covers in depth:
-The preparation of pieces, including how to separate sprues, sanding, cleaning, gluing, and hyper detail.
-The realization of cockpits, from the simplest to the most detailed of all subjects and types. Subjects such as painting, assembly, leather seats, metal seats, ejection seats, pilots, belts, hyper detailing, resin cockpits and pieces, photo-etched components, scratch building, control panels, painting dials, decals, hues, polishing and gluing cockpits.
A.MIG-4510 THE WEATHERING MAGAZINE ISSUE 11 ‘1945’ $39.95Featuring for the first time a very special and attractive subject for a lot of modelers – the year is 1945. For many, this year marks the climax of an evolution in camouflage and new designs in the German military. A special range which includes colors and patterns found on ground vehicles and aircraft. In addition, the vehicles at this time had a special appearance and some colors that were unique to this time. The Weathering Magazine takes a trip to the past through painting and effects, featuring some of the best modellers in the world and detailed “step by step” process of painting. This is undoubtedly the best issue of TWM to date, with unique graphic design and countless articles showing different styles of painting.
A.MIG-7141   1944-1945 GERMAN STANDARD COLORS $11.50
Acrylics Colors Set. 3 jars 17mLDespite what many modelers had believed, the colors used by the Germany military were not the same throughout the war. Towards the end of the war, some colors were changing, such as the famous Dunkelgelb or “Dark Yellow”.
A.MIG-7143   RUSSIAN GREENS – 1956 TO PRESENT $15.00 
Acrylics Colors Set. 4 jars 17mLWe have gathered in one set, the  green colors most used from 1956 to the present for lovers and fans of Russian vehicles from all eras. All of these colors are very different from each other and each of them has been used alone or in combination with other colors in different camouflage patterns.
Acrylics Colors Set. 3 jars 17mLMany modelers have found interest in painting their German vehicles with the colors used in factories. In some cases, these tanks went out to fight with those factory colors without being camouflaged, especially at the end of the war when there was no time or supplies to do so.


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