North Star Models – USN Life rafts for Battleships class IOWA


Item no: NSA-350129
Scale: 1/350 – 30 Resin and 30 Photo etch, 60 parts total
MSRP: $9.00 / 8.01 €
Review by: Sctratchmod

The Kit

This is a very nice set of 30 Rafts from North Star. The Rafts are cast in a dark grey resin with fine details. The rafts come three (3) Rafts cast on each pouring block and are easily removed with very little clean up required. The bottom of the Rafts are covered with very thin resin. This can be removed with a sharp hobby knife and cleaned with a small fine file or the hobby knife. All 30 Rafts are of the same size and have the same details.

The set includes a small photos etch set containing the 30 bottom or floors for the Rafts. The photo etch is very thin and removing the bottom parts can be done using a sharp hobby knife and cleaned using a metal file. The parts have grate type drain holes in them, resembling the floors of Life Rafts.

A small instruction sheet is included with the set showing where the floor should be place on the Raft. Although it’s a simple set containing the Raft and floor it’s always good to have instructions.

Comparing the Rafts to images found on the internet, these Rafts are pretty much spot on. The location of the Rafts on battleships can be found in books and the internet.


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank North Star Models for providing these review samples to us.

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