North Star Models – US NAVY figures in working positions set 1


Item no: NSA-700506
Scale: 1/700 Resin, 78 figures
MSRP: $15.50 / 13.80 €

North Star Logo
Review by: Sctratchmod

The Kit

This set contains 78 resin cast figures in working positions. The set is a mix of officers and enlisted men in various positions with about ten of them holding binoculars. There are figures walking, standing and other positions. The set comes in a small Ziploc bag as is the norm today.
The figures are not flat as with photo etch figures and have to be removed from the casting block and pouring channel. Detailing from what I can see on these tiny figures looks to be very good and the use of an Optivisor will be needed to carefully removed and clean the figures.


The amount of figures in the set should be more than enough for one or more models depending on how many you use on each ship. Painting of the figures will require a very small fine pointed brush but should be quick and easy to paint each figure.
North Star Models has a nice selection of ship crew figures in other poses and a couple of figure sets will last for several models. I will have to buy a US Navy ship to use some of these figures to liven up the model. For what you pay for this set it is well worth it.

The Modelers Social Club Forum and MSC Review Connect would like to thank North Start Models for providing this review sample to us!

North Star Logo


MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy


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